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How CBD Oil Can Help Alleviate Panic Attack Symptoms

Lady having a panic attack

Panic attacks are episodes of intense anxiety that can be extremely terrifying. If you suffer from panic attacks, you may be wondering if it's possible to find relief from them and start living your life again. Fortunately, taking CBD oil for panic attacks allows you to manage the symptoms of your panic in a healthy, safe and productive manner.

CBD oil has long been used to treat the symptoms of anxiety and panic. Unlike heavy pharmaceutical drugs, there are no severe side effects associated with CBD products. If you're one of the many patients who are hesitant about taking conventional medication to treat anxiety, you're not alone. Taking CBD for panic attacks may be just the solution you need to find freedom from your disorder once and for all.

Understanding Panic Attacks

Anxiety comes in many different forms, which can vary in severity and duration. Panic attacks are an intense form of anxiety that doesn't appear to be triggered by a specific danger or cause. These attacks can be extremely powerful and even debilitating at times. While some patients might suffer from panic attacks every once in a while in response to particularly stressful situations, others may experience them more frequently.

A typical panic attack is defined by a specific set of symptoms. The most common symptoms of a panic attack include the following:

  • Shortness of breath

  • Sweating

  • Racing heart

  • Shaking/trembling

  • Feeling of impending doom

  • Nausea

  • Chest pain

  • Chills

  • Dizziness

While these are the most commonly reported signs of a panic attack, it's important to remember that everyone experiences panic differently. It's important to closely monitor your symptoms if you believe you might be suffering from panic attacks.

Causes of Panic Attacks

While experts haven't identified a clear cause of panic attacks, there are several risk factors that may increase your chances of suffering from panic.

Because your brain chemistry has a large role in anxiety and panic, changes in the way your brain functions may trigger the onset of a panic attack. Additionally, some experts have found that prolonged periods of acute stress or trauma may cause the brain to respond with intense anxiety or panic.

In other cases, your genetic makeup and temperament may contribute to the way you experience panic. If you tend to be prone to stress or other negative emotions, you may be more predisposed to panic disorder or panic attacks.

Is it Panic Disorder?

As we discussed earlier, panic attacks can be triggered by a number of situations. Many people experience these attacks several times throughout their lives, and usually when there is a specific danger present. However, if you find yourself frequently suffering from panic attacks, you may have a condition known as panic disorder.

Panic disorder is a specific type of anxiety disorder characterized by frequent panic attacks. Patients who suffer from panic disorder often experience attacks when there is no apparent danger. These episodes can last up to several minutes, and they might even feel life-threatening in some situations.

If it becomes serious enough, panic disorder may begin to interfere with your everyday life. Some people might find themselves struggling to fulfill their usual tasks, such as going to work or buying groceries, on account of their disorder. It's crucial to speak to a mental health professional if you feel that your panic attacks have begun to interfere with your daily life.

Whether panic attacks are an infrequent occurrence for you or you've been diagnosed with panic disorder, getting the help you need is vital. CBD oil can help you better manage your symptoms and start enjoying a life that's free from panic or anxiety.

How Effective Is CBD Oil for Panic Attacks?

More and more people have begun turning to CBD oil products in hopes of treating their panic attack symptoms. Because conventional medication may lead to unpleasant side effects, many patients have begun to recognize the appeal of using a natural remedy to safely treat their symptoms. However, you may be wondering just how effective CBD oil is in terms of helping you manage your panic attacks.

First, it's crucial to understand exactly how CBD functions in the brain. Here's what this natural remedy does to help control the symptoms of panic and anxiety.

How CBD Works in the Brain

CBD functions in the brain in a similar way to traditional medication. When you take CBD oil, it helps to activate the serotonin receptor that's found in multiple areas of your brain. Serotonin, a vital neurotransmitter, is responsible for many important functions in the human body, including mood regulation, digestion and appetite, memory, sleep, social behavior and sexual function. However, its role in regulating mood is most essential to alleviating anxiety and controlling the symptoms of a panic attack.

By targeting the brain's serotonin receptor, CBD oil significantly contributes to reducing the effects of panic. The way cannabinoids behave in the human brain is similar to the behavior of SSRIs, which are a common form of medication for panic disorder. However, unlike SSRIs and other forms of conventional medication, CBD typically doesn't lead to any unpleasant side effects.

The other main function of CBD oil for panic attacks involves the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is a molecular system in the body that helps regulate immunity, memory, metabolism, decision making and other vital functions. More specifically, CBD target the body's CB1 and CB2 receptors, which are essential to controlling emotions and behavior.

Once CBD oil targets these receptors in your endocannabinoid system, it helps to decrease the fear response in your brain. This outcome shows a lot of promise in treating panic attacks and helping patients better manage their symptoms.

CBD Oil vs. SSRIs

We've already seen that CBD oil behaves very similarly to SSRIs, a leading form of medication that is often prescribed for panic disorder. However, there are many other benefits of CBD that make it a safer alternative to pharmaceutical drugs.

One of the major benefits of taking CBD oil for panic attacks is that it is generally viewed as a safe form of treatment. While CBD may lead to certain side effects, these symptoms are usually mild and uncommon. The only potential side effects that have been linked to cannabidoil include fatigue, appetite changes and diarrhea. However, most people who take CBD for panic attacks and other conditions report positive results from the substance.

SSRIs, on the other hand, have been known to trigger a host of unwanted side effects in panic disorder patients. Some of these side effects are mild, while others can have a more dangerous effect on the human body and brain. The most common effects of SSRIs include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, insomnia, dizziness and heart palpitations. In more severe cases, though, these medications may increase feelings of depression and hopelessness in patients.

Because many of these side effects mimic the symptoms of panic attacks, many patients stop taking SSRIs to treat their panic. Instead, they turn to more natural remedies such as CBD oil to find the relief they're looking for.

Types of CBD Oil

If you're considering taking CBD for panic attacks, there are various types of products that you can choose from. With so many different forms of CBD available, finding the right type for your needs is simpler than ever.

Many consumers opt for capsules because they're easy to take and highly convenient. However, you may also choose between tinctures, topicals, gummies, concentrates, body oils, salves and a host of other products. To decide which product is best for your needs, consider your own lifestyle and which form of CBD would best fit into your routine. Many CBD oil products even come with tasty flavors to make your daily dosage even more enjoyable.

If you aren't sure which type of CBD product is most appropriate for you, consider talking to your doctor about your panic attacks. By understanding the nature of your symptoms, a medical professional will discuss your options with you and help you reach a decision. No matter which item you ultimately choose, CBD oil can make a world of difference in terms of helping you overcome your panic attacks and anxiety.

Finding Relief From Panic Attacks With CBD Oil

If you're suffering from panic attacks, it may be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, it's completely possible to recover from your condition without facing the risks of SSRIs. CBD oil demonstrates plenty of potential in terms of treating the symptoms of panic attacks.


Not only is CBD a generally safe remedy, but it also has a high level of effectiveness that many patients have come to rely on. No matter what your panic looks like for you or how long you've been dealing with it, CBD oil for panic attacks can provide you with the peace of mind you're looking for.

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