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Does high-dose CBD offer benefits for things such as pain relief, sleep, or extreme anxiety? In this guide, we highlight some compelling benefits of high-dose!

When you're trying to really improve your life, it's all about figuring out which supplements you should be taking. Using cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the best ways to help you out with some of the ailments that can ruin your quality of life. 

Insomnia, anxiety, and pain are some of the biggest health ailments that people deal with today, and CBD happens to be one of the best ways to treat them. 

So what should you know about taking this amazing supplement?

Read on so that you can learn more about how high dose CBD can provide so many wellness and health benefits to you.


What Exactly is Cannabidiol (CBD) and What Makes it Such a Super Supplement?

It's important that you do your research the several benefits of CBD so that you can take it as needed. This plant can help your body work optimally, which makes many common ailments a thing of the past. 

Here's what you should know about taking CBD:

1. It Comes From the Cannabis Plant, Which Your Body Synthesizes Naturally

You'll be able to enjoy plenty of health benefits from cannabis that truly enrich your life. First off, it is part of the cannabis plant, which happens to be one of the most health-positive substances you can take. 

The reason for this is that humans have an endocannabinoid system, which directly regulates and controls literally every aspect of how your body and brain work. Some matters that the endocannabinoid system directly control include digestion, metabolism, memory, sleep cycles, immune function, muscle creation, motor skills, and brain function. 

Cannabis has more than 100 different cannabinoids, which are compounds that interact with your endocannabinoid system and its receptors. This allows your body to synthesize it and use it as naturally and fluidly as virtually any substance on earth. 

As such, you will experience so many different health benefits when you take CBD in all of its forms. Since the endocannabinoid system was just discovered in the '90s, we're still learning about the wealth of health and wellness benefits that come with the territory. 

2. CBD is Non-Toxic and Non-Addictive

In a world where people are highly addicted to pills and other sorts of medications, it pays to use something natural like CBD. It isn't toxic and won't harm your body's organs and symptoms. 

You can take CBD for sleep, anxiety, and pain without worrying about whether or not you are doing yourself more harm than good. 

3. You Won't Get High When Taking It

For people who aren't cannabis-friendly, the idea of getting high while treating medical ailments can be daunting. This is the benefit of choosing CBD for these issues since it only has trace THC amounts and won't get you high. 

You can take CBD all day, even at high doses, without losing your focus or mental faculties. 

4. You Can Use CBD Legally

Of course, the last thing you would want is a criminal record or employment issues while taking something that is supposed to heal you. Some states still don't allow people to legally use cannabis, and it is still listed as a Schedule I controlled substance on a federal level. 

CBD that doesn't have a high THC content is considered legal in most areas all over the country, so you can take it for your pain, sleep or anxiety without having to worry about the legal ramifications. 

5. It's Available in Several Different Forms and Doses

Another perk is that CBD can be used in so many different ways. You can smoke it in its natural plant form, or get a CBD vape cartridge that lets you take even higher doses. 

A lot of people incorporate CBD into their cooking routine so that they can get several doses while also enjoying a delicious meal. There are also tinctures you can take, which are particularly useful for pain relief. 

No matter your preference, you can try out a few options until you find what works best for you. 

Taking High Dose CBD For Pain Relief

More than 50 million people today are dealing with chronic pain. The main reason CBD works for pain relief is that it has natural anti-inflammatory properties. When you're able to decrease swelling, you'll be able to deal with pain related to arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines and headaches, gout and injuries. 

It also improves your blood flow, which heals your joints and muscles and allows your body to move around with more fluidity. This way, you won't feel as stiff and can feel comfortable in your body despite chronic issues that you are dealing with. 

What's more, the relaxation properties of CBD also help with gastrointestinal issues, such as cramps and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). It also eases the distress of muscle spasms, which allows you to deal with all different kinds of pain. 

When you take it in high doses, CBD provides some of the most effective pain relief you will find. What's more, it doesn't contain the Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) found in popular over the counter and prescription painkillers. 

This is important since these NSAIDs are linked to problems like heart failure, stroke, heart attack, liver toxicity and other enormous health problems. 

Taking High Dose CBD For Extreme Anxiety 

More than 40 million people today are living with and suffering from some form of extreme anxiety. These numbers are alarming, and proof that people need a little bit of help to ease their mind and thrive in social settings. 

When you take CBD in high doses, you are improving the amount of blood flow that you are sending to your brain. By improving this circulation, your brain will be clicking on all levels and will be less prone to anxiety issues and depression symptoms. 

CBD interacting with your brain neurons also creates a relaxation effect. When this effect flows through your body, you will naturally carry less stress and experience a heightened mood. This makes you far less prone to anxiety and will help you to thrive in any social setting. 

This makes CBD an attractive alternative to anti-anxiety medications and anti-depressants. These medications are known to be habit inducing and create jitters and physical trauma. There's no cap on how much CBD you can take without experiencing adverse effects, which means you can take doses all throughout the day in order to thrive in the face of extreme anxiety. 

Taking High Dose CBD For Sleep

You should also look into taking CBD if you happen to suffer from insomnia. Failure to get to quality sleep can create depression and brain fog, and can even lead to mania and psychosis. 

When you take a high dose of CBD before going to bed, you'll naturally fall into a state of rest. CBD interacts with your brain receptors to promote your body's natural circadian rhythm, which also means that you will get better and fuller rapid eye movement (REM) cycles. 

This way, you will be able to fall asleep a lot easier and also rest and rebuild your body after a long day of work. People that take CBD are also able to enjoy better and fuller dreams, which will help them wake up in an improved mood. 

Like the other health ailments, CBD is an incredible alternative to sleep medications. Not only can sleep medicine lead to addiction, but it can also have fatal consequences.


People that become too dependent on sleep medicine can suffer from suppressed respiratory activity and even seizures. When you take sleep medicine in conjunction with alcohol and other medications can suffer from serious problems or death. You may also be in serious trouble if you take sleep medicine when you have sleep apnea. 

CBD lets you experience all of the benefits without dealing with a single one of these consequences. 

Use CBD to Help You With Your Health and Well-Being

The points above show just how amazing CBD can be for health and any sorts of problems you are dealing with. Look into these tips so that you can start using high dose CBD to help your life in so many different ways. 

If you want to use CBD on a regular basis, it pays to buy nothing but high-quality, organic products. We stock nothing but the finest CBD and will happily sell you whatever you're looking for. 

We'd love to hear from you so that you can improve your health and deal with a lack of sleep, pain, extreme anxiety and other issues. 

Be sure to contact us online or call us up at (651)330-9810.

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