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Extraction method plays a big role in the quality of CBD oil

If you want to avoid getting scammed while buying CBD oils, it's important to arm yourself with the right information. The extraction method can have a significant impact on the quality of the final CBD oil that is being sold to you. So, how is CBD oil made? Let’s find out:

Oil Extraction

This is the oldest and easiest extraction method for making CBD oil. It has continued to be in use today by various home growers, though not by many companies. 

The first step is to add natural plant-based oil grounded hemp until it is absorbed. The plant materials are then decarboxylated by slowly heating the raw material, which converts the cannabinoids into active compounds. 

Olive oil is then generally added, and the mixture is heated to 100°C for under 2 hours. Filtration is used to remove unwanted residue. 

This technique is very cheap and easy to conduct at home. However, the CBD oil produced is of a lesser quality, and the method is inefficient in extracting all the cannabinoids.

Liquid Solvents

This extraction process involves using a hydrocarbon liquid solvent such as butane, hexane, ethanol, or propane. It is essential to select solvents that have a low boiling point to extract the CBD oil easily. 

The hemp is finely grounded, then the solvent is passed through to filter any fats and nutrients. This mixture is heated so that the solvent evaporates. After extraction, all that’s left are the cannabinoid flavors and oil. 

This method is the cheapest one listed in this article. The solvents are readily available and affordable. 

On the other hand, it is an inefficient method that results in a higher THC concentration and a lower concentration of CBD. It can lead to a bitter greenish oil as it can mix chlorophyll and other impurities from the plant.

Hydrocarbon extraction is considered an unsafe method that is not used anymore by companies. 

CO2 Extraction

Supercritical CO2 extraction is the best method available today to extract CBD oil. It is the standard process across the board in the industry. 

Carbon dioxide is converted into its liquid form by putting it under high pressure and exposing it to low temperatures. This liquid is passed through the raw materials to extract the cannabinoid compounds. 

The CBD oil produced has a high concentration, as extraction efficiency can be up to 90%. A more deliberate method can also remove almost all traces of THC. This method needs sophisticated equipment and expertise. It produces higher-priced CBD oils. 


This is an optional process that is often used to purify the oil from unwanted material extracted with the previous methods. It results in the purest form of CBD.

The oil is mixed with 200-proof alcohol and left to freeze overnight. The mixture is filtered in the morning using a filter paper. Distillation is used to remove the alcohol. 


Now that you know how CBD oil is made and extracted, you can make a well-informed decision before buying the products. 

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