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5mg Delta 9 THC Wine | Sparkling Red Rose' | 4 Pack

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Discrete Vines Sparkling Rosé

is our latest Delta 9 THC infused beverage with 5mg of Delta 9 THC from Minnesota and the perfect blend of varietal grapes, picked specifically for rosé, from the Premium Yakima Valley in Washington state. Real wine, real taste, real THC.

How did we make this happen? It was a long process..

We worked with a dealcholized technologies company to purchase the wine from Washington State and dealcoholized the wine in Saint Paul, Minnesota. We then transferred dealcholized wine to a local brewery to add water soluble THC that was specifically designed for wine. The wine and THC went through a series of test so that the wine does not breakdown the THC because of the tannins. We made the first can hemp-derived THC wine in the United States.

Get ready to pour yourself a large glass of THC sparkling wine and get a little bit elevated. We promise this is perfect for girl time, gifts, date nights and to feel like amazing. Put away the alcohol and go discrete. No hang overs, drunkness, just laughs and smiles.

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