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How can CBD impact peoples’ interactions with alcohol?

Source - Wikimedia Commons

The home remedies facilitated by hemp products and CBD are lauded far and wide, and new research may be padding the case for why they are effective.

A new study from the journal Frontiers in Pharmacology seems to further elucidate previous promising reports that CBD use could reduce the negative side effects of drinking less alcohol, allowing some to drop one of the deadliest vices out there.

According to the new study, the dangers of alcoholism can be limited when paired with CBD use, including less damage to the livers and brains of those affected. [1]

To learn more about previous studies on the uses of CBD within the recovering alcoholic community, check out the last Nothing But Hemp blog post with the link below. [2]

Between 2006 and 2010, nearly 90,000 Americans died of diseases related to drink, and liver diseases are on a steep rise within the U.S. as well. Part of the reason some at the Scottsdale Recovery Center think CBD could help with alcohol abuse are the ways many use it to fight underlying psychological issues that drive the abuse, like depression and anxiety. [2]

Numbers of those affected by alcohol use disorder, a term used in the French journal of pharmacology where the recent study was published, are very high in the U.S. and fatalities from surrounding illnesses are steep. [2]

The more recovering addicts of alcohol are able to limit the extent of their organ damage due to abuse of alcohol, the more likely they’ll be to make a recovery to health without lasting damage. For this reason alone, CBD seems promising based on the new study. [1]

The study, which was performed on animals, showed less drive to consume alcohol in experiments, reductions in relapse rates, anxiety and impulsivity. [1]

Rats tested in the study also lost substantially fewer brain cells than those not treated with CBD within the control group, which would show extreme use for health retention after binges if human trials echo the animal tests in France and Belgium. [1] [3]

Researchers said current drugs to treat alcoholism are “insufficiently effective at a population level, and new therapeutic prospects are needed. Moreover, no drug for reducing alcohol-related harms, either on the brain or the liver, has ever been studied.” [1] [3]

Marijuana Moment, which reported on the study, claimed the effects from CBD on alcoholic rats — and potentially humans — could be the result of CBD’s complex relationship with the brain and its CB2 receptors. Read more from them, and check out a useful explanation of the neurological process, with the link below. [3]


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