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Nothing But Hemp Partners With Apple House Owners to Open CBD Store in Forest Lake

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

Nothing But Hemp, the high quality provider of CBD products, has formed a partnership with the Sutherland family, owners of Apple House, a well known CBD store located in Superior, Wisconsin. Their pioneering project for opening a store in Forest Lake, Minnesota, is now coming into fruition, and their joint expertise will be highly beneficial for everyone who needs advice on the best type and doses of CBD products for their personal needs.

Craig Sutherland, a councilor in the 8th District, Superior, and one of the managing partners of Apple House, Superior, helped decriminalized marijuana. “His unwavering activism in cannabis gives Nothing But Hemp, LLC, an excellent advantage for expanding our Nothing But Hemp brand,” says Steven Brown, the CEO of Nothing But Hemp, who has many years in the business.“Craig is not only a wonderful councilor for his constituents, who among many other things, has a strong interest in people's health. - He is also a great cannabis entrepreneur, hence the reasons why we partnered with the Sutherland family. The Forest Lake, Minnesota, store will be called “Nothing But Hemp, Health and Wellness.” It is the first hemp concept store of its kind in the Midwest, so we

are extremely excited about it.”

An Innovative CBD Experience

The store location, will be an experienced staff store, like know one has ever seen before. Nothing But Hemp, Health and Wellness, will carry all of the superior quality award-winning products found at the original, Nothing But Hemp store. These will include: supplements, tinctures, edibles, body oils, and fun products such as Hemp Backpacks, Hemp shirts and Hemp Hats, to enhance CBD wellness movement. Eva Droz, the highly experienced VP of Retail for Nothing But Hemp, LLC, will be running this location. She has spent over 15 years running some of the most profitable GNC franchises in the Country, and is an expert in the supplement market. Eva has helped countless consumers in the health and nutrition space for over 15 years, and now she is looking forward to taking the health and wellness approach with the new CBD retail store, where she will help pair herbs, vitamins and CBD to better benefit each customer's unique needs.

Added Extras

At the location, qualified staff will sit down with each customer and develop a health and wellness plan on how to take CBD and other supplements, the correct and most beneficial way. The CEO makes the point that: “We are not here to just sell you something, we are here to make a difference in your lives. We are excited to provide customers with the care they need, and what I mean by this, is using Mother Earth to help heal the body.

Nothing But Hemp Health and Wellness will open their doors by January 19, 2019

New Nothing But Hemp address: 143 Lake St N, Forest Lake, MN 55025

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