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Say Good Bye to Cramps and PMS Symptoms With CBD Oil

“CBD-infused products are the next big trend in reproductive health because they are so effective and relatively safe at the concentrations found in many commercial products” [1]

How Can CBD Help My PMS and Periods?

Women all over the world know just what it means to suffer from PMS symptoms such as anxiety, anxiousness and sleeplessness - not to mention horrendous debilitating period pains. Taking a close up view of the subject: Adam Friedman, MD, FAAD, of the George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences, has given a very clear explanation of how CBD (cannabidiol) - a non-intoxicating cannabis plant constituent, works. He notes that: the groundbreaking discovery of the human endocannabinoid system (meaning, we make our very own cannabinoids and receptors for them, which make up an extraordinary biological network that plays a role in all kinds of physiological functions from sensations of pain to mood and inflammation regulation)” [1].

Friedman notes that our cannabinoid receptors can be found within cells in pain circuits throughout our bodies - from our brains right down to the connective tissues and the sensory nerve endings at the tips of our fingers. To that end, the cannabinoid receptors have a strong effect on the interpretation and transmission of various sensations such as pain [1]. There are two cell receptors that are of note: CB1 and CB2. These work to regulate our body's neuro-hormones, which have a knock-on effect to a number of physiological processes, including sensations of pain and mood. When cannabinoids dock on these receptors - either from a CBD oil supplement, or from the body's natural processes, then these receptors generate physiological changes [2].

Finding a Much Needed Relief

“Within a few minutes of using a [CBD] topical product or ingesting, you'll feel relief" [1]

Being non-productive and run down - often with painful doses of harrowing pain, regularly like clockwork every month, can mean not being able to focus at work, or be relaxed at home. Fortunately, however, many women are putting an end to this trauma by taking CBD. And even more good news - they are not likely to have unwelcome side-effects, which they would have with pharmaceuticals. To substantiate these positive effects scientifically, it can be categorically stated that research has shown that CBD oil can reduce inflammation and stress, while generating muscle relaxation during this unwelcome monthly curse [1].

PMS Benefits Courtesy of CBD

Number 1: When CBD is taken as an anti-inflammatory, it can limit the swelling and inflammation level, both of which can result in pain [1].

Number 2: CBD exerts an impact on certain nerve receptors (named TRPV). These modulate the temperature, and as a result, desensitize pain nerve fibers.


CBD tincture has not only proved effective for many patients, it is also simple to integrate into a daily routine. In addition to this, CBD salve (which is applied topically), is very relieving, as it can be massaged on the lower abdomen. While the relief is not as immediate as with the tincture, it is nonetheless, an excellent remedy for ameliorating discomfort [1].


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[2]. CBD Oil Review. “Overview of the Cannabinoid Receptors.”

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