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The Best Shops to Buy Quality CBD Oil in Minnesota

Hemp and CBD Oil in Minnesota

Hemp and CBD products are booming in popularity in Minnesota and across the world, for many reasons. All sorts of positive health effects are ascribed to CBD, and hemp fibers provide an affordable, environmentally-friendly alternative to petro-plastic. But this is a case where something 'new' is something old that's been rediscovered. During the colonial era, navies ran on hemp: hemp fibers were essential for rope and other fixtures on sailing ships. Hemp in Minnesota has a proud history tracing back to the fight against fascism in WWII. While the local industry declined over the next 50 years, it's now resurgent. Hemp, CBD, and all sorts of cannabis products have a bright future in this state. 

Prohibition Creates a Crisis

In the lead up to the Second World War, hemp remained a hot commodity despite anti-Mexican sentiment fueling a ban on hemp and cannabis in 1937. In reality, hemp never should have been banned at all. While hemp is a form of cannabis, it's different from strains grown for recreational use. Recreational marijuana typically has a high concentration of THC, the psychoactive compound that will get you high. Hemp has trace amounts of THC that won't get you high. Instead, hemp is rich in Cannabidiol, the compounds that are responsible for most of the medical benefits of cannabis. 

Hemp was more or less caught in the crossfire of bad laws and the US hemp industry declined as a result. Not to mention, this happened just in time for hostile powers to overrun America's sources of hemp!

Hemp for Victory

Since America's hemp wasn't homegrown, it relied on imports from possessions such as the Philippines. In general, Southeast Asia produced most of the global supply. When the Japanese overran the Philippines, the Allies faced a critical shortage of hemp that could hamper the war effort. 

The Department of Agriculture responded by creating a short film titled 'Hemp For Victory', explaining the uses of hemp and the need for US farmers to produce as much as possible. Minnesotan farmers answered the call and produced tens of thousands of tons of the essential crop, resolving the shortage and contributing to the ultimate Allied victory. Of 42 hemp processing facilities spread from the Midwest to Appalachia, over a quarter processed Minnesotan hemp.

Although the value of hemp was proven beyond all doubt, hemp went back to being effectively illegal after the end of the war. Despite the importance of US hemp to the war effort and the role of the government in establishing the short-lived Midwestern hemp industry, it was all brushed under the rug quite quickly. For that matter, the US government denied the existence of the film 'Hemp for Victory' until activists recovered two copies in 1989. Today, the 15-minute long film has entered the public domain and you can watch it online for free. 


With the schizophrenic way that the government treated hemp, the industry in Minnesota vanished almost overnight. The development of synthetic fibers such as nylon reduced the practical need for hemp, which also empowered prohibitionists. The last gasp of hemp in Minnesota came during a short-lived wave of decriminalization pushed by anti-war activists and Libertarians in the 1970s when the state government reduced possession to a petty misdemeanor. This was shortlived, though, and citizens of Minnesota were subject to much harsher penalties for growing or using hemp products in the following decades. A rising tide of pro-criminalization sentiment and fears of 'reefer madness' effectively squashed hemp in Minnesota.


After Colorado paved the way forward with cannabis decriminalization, Minnesota has taken several key steps forward as well. In 2014, Governor Mark Dayton signed a restrictive law allowing some use of medical cannabis for certain conditions. The next year, the state government promoted the Industrial Hemp Pilot Program, creating a small, regulated, domestic hemp industry. While initiatives to allow any adult over 21 to grow limited quantities or attempts to legalize recreational cannabis products 

CBD Use in the Twin Cities

As a civilization, we always seem to rediscover what seems old and forgotten, then find new uses for it. While sailing ships aren't demanding the steady supply of hemp fabrics they used to, hemp-derived CBD has come into vogue as a health supplement. Many individuals use CBD to self-medicate for anxiety. One study found that CBD may interact favorably with serotonin receptors in the brain, relieving panic responses in rats. A blind study found a 600 mg dose of CBD to help nervous people with public speaking. One highly-regarded journal, The Lancet reported that small doses of CBD in combination with traditional seizure medication consistently reduced seizures more than medications by themselves.  There's also a powerful, viral video that demonstrates a child's seizures stopping after taking a dose of CBD. 

Many older citizens have turned to CBD for pain and inflammation relief. A study from the National Institutes of Health indicates that CBD has powerful anti-pain, anti-inflammatory qualities. It indicates that CBD can work as a potent treatment for conditions that ail many Americans such as arthritis, chronic pain, joint pain, and more. There have even been encouraging studies on the ways CBD can help dogs! Many of our neighbors in Minneapolis buy CBD dog treats for their furry friends. 

There are a few different forms of CBD that are popular in the Twin Cities. Raw Cannabidiol is first extracted from hemp and concentrated as an oil or water-soluble powder. You can buy CBD in either of these forms, but there are also many finished, CBD-infused products. We've already touched on CBD dog treats, but you also have your choice of CBD body lotion, flavored oils, syrups, gummies, and more. 

Where to Buy CBD in MN

Our company Nothing But Hemp sells all sorts of CBD products across The Land of 10,000 Lakes. We have locations in six cities, with at least one new location on the way. We have a mixture of full-size stores, venues in malls, and small shops throughout the state. In addition to our brick and mortar locations, we're proud to offer a robust, online storefront and same-day delivery.

CBD in Minneapolis

Our 800 sq. ft. Nothing But Hemp location in Minneapolis is among the biggest and best shops for CBD products in the state. We sell tinctures, bath bombs, pure CBD oil, and dozens of other products. You can find us by heading uptown to 617 W Lake St, MN. 


CBD in St. Paul

Our other location in the Twin Cities proper is across town in St. Paul. Find us next to popular local businesses such as the Yarnery at 844 Grand Ave Saint Paul.

CBD in Forest Lake

We established our third shop in the peaceful, lakeside city of Forest Lake at the old Ernie's location. Drop by 143 Lake St. N and talk to our passionate staff to find out what CBD products are right for you.

CBD in Maplewood

Our Nothing But Hemp location in Maplewood is located in the popular Maplewood Mall at 3001 Maplewood Avenue. Enjoy a meal at a beloved local burger joint like Blueprint Burger and then find us at the upper level, center court. 

CBD in White Bear Lake

When you're looking for CBD oil and other products in White Bear Lake, your best choice is Nothing But Hemp at 4762 Banning Avenue.

CBD in Cloquet

We're proud to serve the Cloquet community and Carlton County. You'll find us at 6 14 St. Cloquet, a couple of blocks away from the county DMV.

CBD in Chaska

Nothing But Hemp serves the lovely, lively town of Chaska from our location at 820 Yellow Brick Road. If you're like most Chaska denizens, you love to go golfing, hiking, and swimming. With studies indicating that CBD may have strong anti-inflammatory qualities, CBD oil might be able to help you enjoy an active life for a long time.

CBD in Stillwater

This historic river town is one of the most picturesque destinations in our beautiful state. Even if you don't live there, we strongly recommend planning a trip here. By the time you visit, we hope that our new Stillwater location will be operational and meeting all the CBD needs of the community.

Locals currently have limited options to buy CBD oil, but we're going to fix that. The address of the newest Nothing But Hemp location in Stillwater, MN is due to be announced at the start of September 2020.

Minnesota's Top Supplier of Hemp Products

Here at Nothing But Hemp, we're the leading provider of  CBD oil in MN. We have seven locations across the state with much more to come. If you've heard about the benefits ascribed to CBD and want to try it for yourself, give us a call and talk to one of our CBD enthusiasts. You can visit one of our locations and see what we have to offer, or we can help you find what you're interested in over the phone and arrange delivery throughout the Twin Cities. We believe in the medicinal and environmental value of hemp, and all of our employees are knowledgeable and ready to help you. 

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