How the Retired NFL Player Brett Favre Joined CBD Brand Green Eagle

The use of CBD oil has been growing in America and in the rest of the world – over the years, this cannabinoid compound has been proven to help with numerous conditions like Parkinson's, epilepsy, and cancer by easing its symptoms. It also helps to calm people with anxiety and depression and is even used as a cosmetic product to treat acne and improve skin condition.

However, among all the uses of CBD, one that has been standing out is its power to relieve muscle pain and help with physical recovery. The CBD company Green Eagle, all known as Brett Favre's CBD brand, has been growing in the American market as one of the best sources of products that contain such compound, made specifically for people who are overcoming injuries and trying to ease physical pain. 

As a former professional football player, Brett Favre understands pain and also understands what is the best way to deal with it –– maybe that is the main reason why the athlete, after 10 years of retirement, has decided to become an ambassador and the face of Green Eagle,  selling CBD products for those trying to recover from muscle injuries and other health conditions. 

Favre has had a long and promising career as a football player, breaking records during his years as a college athlete and later staring as the quarterback for major teams like the Atlanta Falcons (1991), the Green Bay Packers (1992-2007), for what he is most famously known, the New York Jets (2008), and the Minnesota Vikings (2009-2010). Needless to say, such a massive accumulation of titles comes with a large number of injuries that the athlete had to endure during this time – concussions, torn muscles, and broken bones are just some of the few complications Favre dealt with over his years as a quarterback. 

Now, in NFL, it is normal for players to use painkillers to perform well in a game and to recover after injuries. Toradol and Vicodin are some of the drugs that keep many players on the field for so long, but the long term side effects of that are detrimental. Favre, who has been glorified for his pain tolerance, can vouch for that. The athlete, during the peak years of his career, abused such medications to the point where it became an addiction that, along with alcohol, sent him to rehab three times.

Today, at the age of 50, Favre openly speaks about his path to overcoming his drug dependence, endorsing pain management solutions that are natural and free of the addictive properties found in pills and other pharmaceuticals. Because of that, he is the perfect face for the New Jersey-based Green Eagle company. 

Green Eagle, which sells hemp-derived CBD products that are completely THC free, has been trying to break into the US market, and Favre's reputation as the face of physical resilience is surely making that possible. The athlete, after learning about the non-addictive, healing properties of CBD, was more than glad to work as the brand's ambassador and has been resourceful and inspirational for all of those who search for a more natural way of dealing with physical pain. 

CBD, short for cannabinol, is one of the two main chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant, along with THC. It is known for helping with the treatment of many health conditions, chronic or not, and it has been growing in its use as a treatment for muscle pain relief. 

CBD is known for decreasing inflammation when rubbed on muscles in an ointment form or injected orally. It also promotes an anti-catabolic response to injuries by activating the endocannabinoid receptors that prevent muscle loss. Because of that, it has been growing in popularity among athletes, people who are recovering from physical injuries, or simply those who want to build more mass and want to continue working out regardless of discomfort and muscle stiffness. 

Green Eagle, as a brand devoted to providing the best quality products to its clients, produces creams, roll-ons, salve sticks, and oral liquid caps, all developed with nanotechnology that ensures greater absorption of products by the body. Once the compound is absorbed by the skin through its pores, it promotes isolated pain relief that can last up to a couple of hours, depending on how much CBD there is on the ointment. 

As the face of the brand, Brett Favre sticks to the philosophy of relying on natural produce to overcome and deal with physical pain, hoping to inspire all of those who look up to him to do the same and not turn to pharmaceutical drugs that can cause dependence. By sharing his stories and opinion, from concussion to addiction, the former NFL player carries the ethos of the brand in the hope that we can change the paradigm around the treatment of injuries and conditions. 

Such philosophy is also supported by Nothing But Hemp, who carries the products of Green Eagle as a distributor and retailer. The company, distributing CBD oil in Minnesota, Nevada, and Florida is engaged in the battle against the big pharmaceutical industries and their products, which can be detrimental to our health and body in so many ways. 

The brand's philosophy is aligned with that of  Brett Favre and Green Eagle, whose product, along with the ones produced by Nothing But Hemp itself, will help people find resilience in the healthiest way possible. Our bodies are programmed with endocannabinoid receptors that are made to synthesize such compounds and use them to regain balance and equilibrium, both mental and physical. When CBD enters our organism, through the bloodstream when taken orally or isolated when rubbed onto the skin, it reaches the CB2 receptor, responsible for "digesting" the compound and using it to relax the body and mind. 

CBD, with its many uses, is surely a product that would improve the lives of athletes, mainly those like NFL players, who have to be constantly dealing with muscle soreness and minor injuries that can be a discomfort during training and during a match. The CBA (collective bargaining agreement) does not permit current players to use cannabinoid products to treat muscle pain and inflammation, and Favre shares his opinion on this, being hopeful that the product will eventually enter the football world as an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. 

CBD has been growing in popularity because of the last Farm Bill that was passed in the US, legalizing the production, commerce, and use of the compound. That is the reason why there has been a  boom of brands that work with CBD  and products that contain it, from smokable flowers to edibles, creams, and even for pets. However, because it is a relatively new product, and an alternative for standard treatments for injuries and chronic diseases, many people are still not aware of what it is exactly and how it works with our body.

Lots of individuals still confuse CBD with marijuana, thinking that the compound will cause the psychedelic sensation of being "high." This is the main reason why Favre resisted it for so long, but after educating himself on the matter he came to the realization that CBD has a completely different effect on the body, an extremely positive one.

Today, Frave uses Green Eagle products as part of his physical training routine and, as an ambassador for the brand, hopes that CBD will finally be accepted by athletes and organizations. Nothing But Hemp, as a distributor of such products, among others that serve different purposes as well, shares such ethos and aspires to raise awareness of the fact that the compound is a natural alternative to treatments that are long-term detrimental. 

Nothing But Hemp sells its products on its website. There, one can browse the online store and filter the products based on sections like gummies, ointments, capsules, smokable flowers, etc. The company also works with same-day delivery around the city of Minneapolis and has all the information you need displayed on its website. 

CBD products are growing in popularity in the US and in the rest of the world as well. The uses for CBD seem to be endless as more and more research is being done on the matter and more of its healing properties are being discovered. It is proven that the compound has a significant impact on inflammation, and Brett Favre's CBD brand, Green Eagle, along with Nothing But Hemp, has the devotion of distributing its capacity to heal and ease the pain of muscle injuries, with the hope that someday the product will enter the NFL world and help athletes cope with pain in a way that is natural and free of addictive properties. 

Every athlete out there wants to find physical resilience, and this may be the best way to do so, naturally and at a price that is accessible to all.