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CBD Oil Janesville

Janesville is located in the southern region of Wisconsin. The city is known as “Wisconsin’s Park Place.” 


About Janesville 


Settlers arrived in the region in 1835 after the forced removal of the Ho-Chunk and Patowatomi people. American settlers named John Inman, George Follmer, Joshua Holmes, and William Holmes, Jr. found the land to their liking and because there were no other settlers, they thought the area would be the perfect spot for settlement. 


They built the first log cabin, a structure that still stands today. That follow spring, more settlers arrived, claimed land, and “paper towns,” were platted on lands near the first cabin. Early success for the city was based on the development of the Red River for water power. Damns, bridges, lumber, grist, and woolen mills were built along the Rock River in the 1840s. 


Growth moved the town forward when the success of agriculture, wheat, and the construction of three railroad lines were built. William Tallman established himself as one of the most influential members of the Janesville population. He convinced the up-and-coming Illinois Republican, Abraham Lincoln, to speak in Janesville in 1859. 


The Tallman House is currently a historical landmark, and is best known as “The place where Abraham Lincoln slept.” In the 1840s there were about 300 people that settled in the area. Janesville grew to 3,000 by 1850 and to 22,186 in 1925. 


Another noteworthy development during the mid-19th century was the establishment of a women’s rights movement in Janesville Wisconsin. In the 1850s, the movement was founded and continued after the Civil War. 


When the General Motors plant was built, it became a main employer of people who lived in the town. The Janesville Assembly Plant opened in 1919 and was the oldest operating General Motors plant until 2009 when it stopped all production. 


As of 2019, there are over 64,000 people living in Janesville. The town offers a mix of lodging, dining, shopping, entertainment, parks, and history to its residents and visitors. Residents can even get Nothing But Hemp’s CBD Oil straight to their door. 


About CBD Oil Janesville Wisconsin 

CBD or cannabidiol is a component derived from the hemp plant. It is a type of cannabinoid, which are the chemicals naturally found in the hemp plant. Over the years, there has been growing awareness about the possible health benefits of CBD oil. 


Nothing But Hemp offers various strengths and flavors of CBD oil. Want your products shipped? No problem. All online orders qualify for free shipping. 


There are many reasons why Janesville residents may explore different CBD oils. It has been used to help with pain, stress, anxiety, and relaxation. The uses vary from person to person as do the effects. 


Some people may not see any relief at all. This is because of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) found in everyone’s body. The ECS is a cell-signaling system found throughout the body. 


Within the ECS, there are receptors. CBD binds to those receptors, but because it binds to everyone differently, everyone’s experience with CBD is different as well. 


Nothing But Hemp offers high-quality and award-winning CBD oil in various potencies and flavors. Check out their third-party tested mint, cinnamon, or lemon oil flavors. The Irie focus, comfort, and sleep oils are great for those looking for something with more strength. 


CBD oil is also available in vape cartridges and gummy form. Vape cartridges may provide quicker relief while gummies offer a fruity flavor, they can take longer for users to feel any effects. 


View Nothing But Hemp’s online store. All purchases are available for free shipping to Janesville residents.

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