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CBD oil near me | Where should you go for the best CBD?

As CBD and hemp products grow more common, finding exceptional quality is often the hardest task for a discerning enthusiast.

People come from all different walks of life to find relief with hemp, and often the last thing on their minds is how widely the available products differ, from the cutting edge to the dullest tools in the shed.


A key defining factor for quality in the CBD oil trade is organic farming and processing. Survey enough of the hemp market and you’ll find that some companies simply don’t have the qualifications to claim they offer top-tier products.


Artificial production and extraction processes paired with harsh farming processes can take their toll on hemp plants. 


It is the complex tapestry of cannabinoids like cannabidiol and tetrahedrocannabidiol, CBD and THC, that ultimately lends hemp products their desirable qualities through something called the entourage effect.


Although organic hemp products can be turned into CBD oil isolates that feature none of these entourage effects that work on the bodies endocannabinoid system, quality organic CBD oil products tend to emphasize full-spectrum products for the added benefits and holistic approach.


That being said, consider the source of your CBD supplies. Are you buying CBD at the checkout counter of a grocery store or gas station? Is the retailer of your products dedicated specifically to CBD?


The answer to these questions should have a major sway on where you choose to do business.


At Nothing But Hemp, stellar organic CBD brands like Siskiyou Sungrown Organic CBD, Minny Grown CBD, Plant Diva  and Charlotte’s Web CBD take places of honor on shelves and web stores because they have proven their worth.


Each product carried at Nothing But Hemp has been third-party lab tested and many carry industry awards for creativity, quality and reliability. At Nothing But Hemp, you can find hand-grown organic products that tick all the right boxes.


Given the ubiquitous spread of the novel coronavirus that has claimed thousands of lives globally, many may naturally wonder which CBD stores are dedicated to staying operational and helping customers even through the panic. 


Luckily, Nothing But Hemp is on that short list. Here are some things to know.


COVID-19 does not mean you can't get your CBD. Options include: 

  • If you are local: Curbside Pickup will be offered at Grand Avenue, Forest Lake and Uptown.

  • Phone orders will be placed by calling (651) 330-9810. (Monday - Saturday) 

  • Online is open 24 hours a day. Just go to

  • Delivery is only an option if you are 3 mile radius of our Grand Ave store.


We will not be accepting cash - we will deliver hemp flower but we will not deliver any vapes. 


How curbside works: 


There will be a CBD menu on the window. A phone number will be posted for you to call and place an order. The payment will be made over the phone by credit or debit card, we will not be taking cash.


How phone orders work: 


We can either have you pick up the products at one of our curbside locations or we can ship or delivery the products. A rep will give you your options over the phone. 


How delivery works: 


Your residence must be a house, duplex, quadplex  and/or townhome. We will leave your package outside and call you to tell you it was delivered. We will not deliver at large apartments, it puts our employees at to much risk. 

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