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THC Tinctures

Shipping of THC tinctures is only allowed for companies outside of the state of Minnesota. If you are a live in Minnesota we can not ship these products due to the stance of Minnesota Department of Health. They believe a tincture is considered a beverage and subjected to 10mg cap per beverage. We did develop a compliant cannaology. Please check out the THC beverage enhancer category.

THC tinctures differ from CBD tinctures in that they're psychoactive. Taken for medicinal purposes in small doses, THC may offer a range of health benefits. These tinctures, which are a mixture of herbs/plants infused into ethanol or oil, have been around for years.

What Are THC Tinctures?

A cannabis plant contains over 100 cannabinoids, ranging from psychoactive to non-psychoactive compounds. Each cannabinoid is believed to contain a variety of unique properties, which are used for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

A THC tincture is a mixture of the compound combined with oil, glycerin, or alcohol, which acts as a carrier for cannabinoids. It's important to note that if alcohol is used to extract the compound, traces are eliminated before sale to the public.

How to Use THC Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures come in liquid form and can be administered in a variety of ways. Some people add drops of the oil-based tincture into their food or drink, but the quickest way to absorb the compound is to place it under your tongue for 30 seconds. This is believed to be one of the most effective consumption methods. The myriad blood vessels and thin skin under the tongue allow for quick absorption into the bloodstream. Because THC is a psychoactive, only minuscule amounts are needed.

For dosages and quantities, you'll either need to check with your manufacturer or follow the instructions on the bottle. If you're adding the tincture to food items, the effects take longer but can also last longer.

Benefits of THC Tinctures

It's widely believed that THC contains a host of medicinal properties that aid both physical and mental wellness. There's emerging evidence that THC tinctures may help with reducing tumor size in cancer patients and treating (but not preventing) some forms of cancer.

THC can also:

  • Improve insomnia
  • Assist in resolving issues related to nausea from chemo treatments
  • Reduce the frequency of epileptic seizures
  • Have a calming effect that reduces your overall stress levels
  • Assist with problems related to eating disorders

THC Tinctures vs. CBD Tinctures

There are differences between THC and CBD tinctures. THC is extracted from the marijuana plant, and CBD is extracted from hemp. CBD can also be extracted from marijuana, but there's an increased risk of psychoactive properties. THC and CBD affect the brain differently by attaching to different receptors.

  • CBD tinctures: These don't have psychoactive properties, meaning they won't get you high. They don't contain terpenes or any other cannabinoids. Mainly used as a pain reliever to reduce inflammation and help with anxiety, CBD tinctures are common. They also come in a range of flavors.
  • THC tinctures: THC has psychoactive properties that provide a high. For medicinal purposes, these tinctures should be used in small doses. These tinctures usually appeal to those looking for effects and not flavor. Sourced from the marijuana plant, THC is commonly used for insomnia and nausea.

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