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The Reason Why “Nothing But Hemp” Carries Select CBD

Due to the overwhelmingly positive global scientific research on the massive health benefits for countless conditions and diseases that can be helped by CBD (cannabidiol), and the fact that unlike THC from cannabis, CBD from hemp is more powerful, non-psychoactive, and legal to sell, “Nothing But Hemp” decided to carry a full range of CBD products. We set out to offer our clients the very best range of CBD products on the market, and after looking at a number of leading brands, we decided on Select CBD.

The Select CBD Advantage

Select is a recognized leader in the CBD field, and produces an exciting collection of cutting-edge top quality cannabidiol products. These have been refined through years of research by leading scientists which Select has partnered with, in order to detect and ameliorate extraction and processing techniques, and explore what lies ahead within the realms of cannabis science. Select is also the 2017 winner of the Dope Industry Award for Best Concentrate Company, due to its consistent quality & relentless innovation.

All Select CBD Oil products are extracted from industrial hemp, which is grown in live organic soil, and are legal to purchase within the US. They offer a high level of the beneficial crucial nutrients: omega 3, 6 and 9; as well as top quality, locally sourced organic essential oils. Moreover, they provide optimum uptake, superior availability, and synergy. And they have been tested for potency, purity, composition and strength.

Select CBD Blends

Select's CBD Blends combine cannabidiol's miraculous medicinal benefits with natural extracts and essential oils. This help users feel relaxed, focused and revived.

Relaxation: Chill out with Lavender or Cinnamon

Revive: Regenerate and uplift your mind and body with Grapefruit or Lemon

Focus: Upgrade your mental clarity with Peppermint or Spearmint

The History of Select CBD

The company first came about by establishing, and then finding the answer to a difficulty that no one else knew existed. The founder of Select wanted to introduce cannabidinol to the world of vapers, as CBD can offer them far more benefits than other vaping substances. And now, several years on, that innovative spirit still shines on.

Leading the Way in Cartridge Design

Every CBD pen produced by Select, boasts a ceramic core cartridge. This is instrumental in maintaining a steady temperature, even while in use, and as a result, helps to conserve the great taste.

Airtight Custom-Made Vape Cartridges

The Select CBD oil flows just the way it should do, thanks to the custom-designed tamper-resistant, airtight pen, which locks away leaks.

Quality Control

Every Select vaporizer has to pass a total of 7 quality control check levels. During this stage, the pens are cured for a 24 hour period prior to being transported to the dispensaries. This successfully minimizes mechanical failure, and enables every wick to be completely saturated by the oil extracts.

Keeping a Clear Head

Unlike the 'high' of THC, CBD is not psychoactive.

Test Cleanly

If you just use Select CBD products, then there is an extremely low chance of you being given a positive drug test. - So parents, social workers, employers, and anyone in recovery, does not need to be concerned. Drug tests only involve checking for THC (CBD's counterpart that generates the 'high' sensation).

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