Anxiety, CBD and getting well the natural way: How to know what’s right for you

Anxiety, CBD and getting well the natural way: How to know what’s right for you

Throughout America, rates of mental health problems, medication and other risk factors have continued to have a weighty cultural impact. Suicide, drug addiction and overdose, plus a number of other concerns follow from these prominent problems.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, over 40 million Americans are effected by anxiety and depression, over 18% of the adult population. [1] What many have underestimated so far is the potential for naturalistic medicine, including CBD products that are non-psychoactive relatives to active ingredients in marijuana, to service some of the mental need felt in the U.S.

According to research reported and published by the National Institutes of Health, multiple preliminary studies and literature reviews show the potential for CBD to treat some aspects of the anxiety disorders afflicting Americans by acting on their endocannabinoid systems, or EMS. [2] [3] [4]

More research is needed to be sure, but these findings are happy signs for those countless people who have offered testimonials to the effect that CBD truly has helped them deal with their anxiety issues and symptoms.

That being said, part of why so many have a newfound interest in CBD is the fact that it was legalized federally at the end of 2018. The markets are primed to reach skyrocketing valuations in just the next few years, and an influx of both customers and retailers has some reeling with new choices everywhere.

Expertise and education often seem to be the qualities missing in a market landscape where CBD is sold at gas stations, coffee shops and nearly everywhere else.

That’s why Nothing But Hemp places education and quality products at the forefront of its business goals and outlook. Whether explaining different chemical compounds within CBD to interested newcomers or continually assessing third-party lab tests of new brands and products, Nothing But Hemp has the cannabis expertise that offers reliability in a sea of confusion.

Particularly, Nothing But Hemp’s award-winning product lines help keep the company, which now has locations across Minnesota and a new operation in Florida, at the height of its use for consumers. [5]

Flawless Hemp Flower is a fantastic hemp product that looks and smells like traditional marijuana bud. Smokeable, it doesn’t get users high and still offers the amazing benefits of CBD.

Siskiyou Sungrown’s farm-to-table CBD products are organic, made without artificial additives, pesticides and other common agricultural practices that are bugaboos for some health-minded buyers.

Charlotte’s Web CBD is also on offer, and became one of the most renowned hemp brands after the story of its founding — fraught with sacrifice and challenges to ease the suffering of a young girl with epilepsy in the face of overbearing regulatory restrictions — captured the attention of many.

If the large array of CBD products from oils, tinctures, lotions and doesn’t sway you, feel free to draw from the deep bench of hemp and retail expertise on offer from any Nothing But Hemp employee, sure to meet you wherever you are on your hemp journey.