Apply For Wholesale or Private Label Account 


Nothing But Hemp offers CBD and Delta 9 THC wholesale in Minnesota, throughout the United States, the Virgin Islands, and Europe.

We also own a licensed hemp manufacturing company in Florida that provides custom private-label and white-label services (License Number 20226544).  If you are interested in CBD wholesale, Delta 8 THC wholesale, Delta 9 THC wholesale, or custom private/Whitelabel services please contact us. We also formulate in Minnesota. 

Hemp & Delta 9 THC Manufacturing Company has the ability to make: 

  • Tinctures 

  • Topicals

  • Gummies

  • Compliant CBD Moon Rocks 

  • Compliant CBG Moon Rocks

  • CBD concentrates 

  • Vapes

Delta 9 THC derived from hemp: 

  • Tinctures​

  • Nano Tinctures 

  • Gummies 

  • Nano Gummies 

  • Drinks 

We remain within federal limits and sell products with less than 0.3% THC in them. The craze for Delta 9 THC nano gummies and seltzers has taken toll. We ensure that you don’t need to isolate yourself rather than sit and enjoy these edibles. With our comprehensive variety, we ensure you get the best possible experience. 

Why Are Our Gummies Great?

THC private label is one of the fastest growing areas in the Hemp industry. THC gummies wholesale have always been the most traditional product in the market. With our super exciting range, this is set to change. 


Our Delta 9 THC gummies wholesale prices will surprise you. The list is endless!! Apart from Delta 9  THC, you can also glance at the following:

  • Delta 9 THC private label gummy wholesale

  • Delta 8 Tincture wholesale

  • Delta 9 THC tincture wholesale

Private Label and White Label Service Minimums (MBC): 

With a flexible approach, we provide customers with both private-label and white-label minimums. We specifically figure out the Delta 9 THC drink wholesale selling process and explore the market. We make it essential to test our products, like Nano thc wholesale derived from hemp, before making them available to the customers. Some of them are as follows:

  • Custom Tincture private label services minimum starts at 200 units of one SKU and a minimum spend of $2000

  • Custom Gummy private label service 5000 (gummies) 

  • Nano THC for beverages. 

  • White Label Services minimum starts at 100 units and a minimum spend of $800

  • Add your label for .50 cents per item

  • Design services $35.00 an hour 

  • Co-Pack Flower $1.00 per package 

  • Co-Pack Gummies $1.00 per package

  • Turnaround time depends on the size of the order and the type of product. If you are outside of the United States TBD.

Wholesale Minimums: 

  • Our minimum MOQ for wholesale CBD and Delta 9 THC accounts are12 units per case

  • Turn times 1 day to 7 days



  • Nothing But Hemp provides 55% to 70% margins on all of our Hemp derived THC wholesale products - except beverages

Brands We Own: 


​We know how important the brand is! Having a franchise to help you buy Delta 9 THC Minnesota-compliant wholesale products is what we take pride in, with our products taking in more shelf space. For better convenience, we work with individuals and help customers access the best varieties sitting on their couches. Some of the brands we own are:

  • Nothing But Hemp 

  • Vibes 

  • Discrete Vines 

  • Indulge 

  • Ganja Life 

  • Forbidden Fruit 

  • Royal Highness 

  • Bata Hemp Company 

  • Delta 8 World 

  • HHC World 

  • Delta 10 World 

  • Cannaology 

  • Billy Goats

  • Minnesota Nice 

  • CannaGourmet 

  • SeaBreeze Hemp Company 

  • Rasta Hemp Company 

  • Hempology 

  • Plant Diva 

  • Synergy Nutrition

  • IRIE Hemp Company

  • Palm Starz 

  • Janes Hemp Coffee 

How We Are Different: 

Nothing But Hemp is an award-winning company. Nothing But Hem the first hemp cannabis brand in the world that has won the IFHA Award (Top 100 Health Leaders) companies like Mayo Clinic have been recognized by IFHA. We were nominated by Feedspot as one of the top 100 cannabinoid blogs in the world.  

We have been featured in High Times, Marijuana Ventures, Leaf Report, MPR, and other national publications.

We educate our wholesale clients about cannabinoids through online wholesale education center. We do not just drop off our products; we teach you about the private label Delta 9 THC gummies and private label Delta 8 thc gummies we make and the reason for the formulations.

​All of our Delta 9 THC wholesale products are lab tested for heavy metals and residuals. Our products are insured. Most of our hemp products are made using organic practices.

It might be a dream come true. Ever wondered about yourself being a private label CBD gummy manufacturer? If not, now is the time. Just fill in the details above if you are interested in applying for a wholesale or private CBD or Delta 9 label account.​