As self-imposed quarantines spread, remember local businesses for CBD needs

As self-imposed quarantines spread, remember local businesses for CBD needs

The novel COVID-19 virus has reached hundreds of thousands worldwide and North America seems in for an expansion in cases and hospitalizations.

Many have taken to gathering long-term stockpiles of supplies and food as businesses, restaurants and government facilities close down. In Minnesota and elsewhere, small businesses run the risk of being left behind amid the slowdown bound to come as more and more people commit to staying home.

According to the New York Times, President Donald Trump announced a nationwide state of emergency Friday and proposed a $50 billion bailout to individuals for free coronavirus testing, paid sick leave and other stimulus programs. [1]

Unlike individuals or massive industries like airlines or cruise ships that may or may not receive the benefits of a federal bail out in coming days and weeks, small businesses will have only the silence of quarantined streets to keep them company through the virus’s reign.

Still, there are some ways people have brainstormed to help out their local businesses, such as buying gift cards at a favorite restaurant to give them a cash infusion and buy a date night later on when normalcy returns.

Luckily for CBD and hemp fans, Nothing But Hemp is making it easy for people to stay connected to the products and brands they rely on each day.

People love to use CBD oil and products for their chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety and other issues. There is even an FDA-approved prescription drug that uses CBD to treat a rare form of childhood epilepsy.

Animal products are also commonly made with CBD now, and its uses overall are nearly endless.

So how can you know what the best CBD products are, and how can you reliably make sure you are stocked for the foreseeable future?

At Nothing But Hemp, a dedicated team of cannabis enthusiasts and retail specialist wait at a number of locations in Minnesota, Florida and Nevada to assist with questions and offer advice to newcomers and cannabis veterans alike.

Plus, Nothing But Hemp allows customers to buy quality products like Siskiyou Sungrown, Minny Grown, Charlotte’s Web and other CBD favorites online or via mail order.

For a limited time, as the country continues to struggle with the coronavirus outbreak, Nothing But Hemp customers will also receive free shipping.

Keep stocked on your favorite CBD products at Nothing But Hemp, wash your hands and most importantly, stay safe!