As times grow more unpredictable, CBD for stress remains popular

As times grow more unpredictable, CBD for stress remains popular

This year has presented deeply challenging circumstances for a great many people across America, and finding time and methods to decompress is more important than ever.

What started as an emergency reaction to a dangerous pandemic has in many cities across the U.S. become a weathering of brutal riots, police actions and protests that have caused uncertainty and anxiety for many.

For some, CBD has been a beneficial part of their response.

CBD oil is derived from the cultivation and extraction of industrial hemp, a crop which was a staple in the U.S. for decades before being prohibited in the 1930s.

The 2018 Farm Bill resurrected industrial hemp in the legal market and the CBD boom followed.

Thousands of U.S. residents adopted CBD oil for their chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, insomnia and other issues. One FDA-approved prescription CBD drug even treats a rare form of childhood epilepsy.

That isn’t the end of CBD’s wonders. CBD pet products are also exceptionally popular among many hemp customers, many of whom give their pets CBD for relaxation and other reasons.

While layoffs, furloughs and the mandatory work from home policies that have popped up in the wake of COVID-19’s spread have altered the lives of many ordinary people, there is hope that we may be able to adapt.

“I’ve found that, even better, I can use CBD as a preventative measure. So rather than wait to freak out, I just hit my vape pen at odd intervals, and it seems to stave off the panic and keeps me more even-keeled,” Elizabeth Broadbent wrote for Yahoo! Life.

Others have also found the benefits of CBD, especially in anxious and uncertain times.

Dr. Tchiki Davis writes in Psychology Today that CBD may be a part of a well-rounded regimen that helps people connect while social distancing and dealing with the nation-wide fallout of political unrest.

“According to the research, THC appears to dull our response to anger in others. When we are less reactive to the anger of others, we may not get in as many arguments, and as a result, we may feel more socially connected to others,” Davis writes. “Although we know more about the effects of THC, it’s likely not the only reason why cannabis leads to improved social connection.”

Despite the challenges associated with modern living and the relatively young life-cycle of CBD research, there is still hope for ordinary people wherever we look.