CBD searches top the Google charts

CBD searches top the Google charts

According to multiple news reports and research, CBD has become madly popular and that trend has scanned to the most popular search engine available.

Google search trends for information about CBD have surged by 126% between 2016 and 2018, and 160% between 2017 and 2018, according to multiple sources. Now, multiple experts are weighing in on how this data might affect people and their use of CBD, plus government responses to both. [1] [2] [4]

New research from the Journal of the American Medical Association documented the tremendous hikes in cannabidiol searches from ordinary people online in a recent study that evaluated Google metadata. [4]

In the paper, published Wednesday, the authors claim that, “there is currently no population-focused surveillance of public interest in CBD. Consequently, many question whether CBD should be prioritized by public health leaders and regulators.” [4]

ABC News reports that Google searches in 2019 are bound to increase by another 118%, a year when 6.4 million CBD searches occurred in just the month of April. [1]

Alabama saw the most extreme increase in interest, with a 600% jump in search items. [1]

"When people are allowed to market CBD by saying anything, is it surprising that demand for it is so high?" co-author Dr. John Ayers said to ABC News.

According to Yahoo! News, the National Institutes of Health has an extensive collection of more than 150 CBD studies and the World Health Organization stated over the summer that CBD does not carry health risks. [2]

"For every two searches in the U.S. on Google on dieting, there's one for CBD," Ayers said. [3]

While there are negative health outcomes coming out through news coverage of recent vaping illnesses, in many cases these relate to black market products that are laced with untested and unlabeled additives in primarily marijuana vapes.

The JAMA research has some limitations, as it doesn’t purport to analyze other search browsers like the more encrypted DuckDuckGo or StartPage (Bing, anyone?).

Another aspect of these revelations is the importance on sourcing and technical accuracy. Google offers a wide sweep of sources and reputable scientific sources. Use them.

Still, there are things the Google trends and results cannot always match.

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