CBD swaps: Charlotte’s Web introduces hemp newbies to the real thing

CBD swaps: Charlotte’s Web introduces hemp newbies to the real thing

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CBD, or cannabidiol, is just about the hottest thing in the wellness and supplement market right now.

The compound is a relative of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, but CBD doesn’t get its users high even as they seek relaxation and natural relief. Now, a Charlotte’s Web CBD pop-up shop in Miami is showing Floridians and visitors the difference between cheap hemp products and the good stuff.

Charlotte’s Web CBD is a premium hemp brand, with award-winning and industry-leading quality. The company was one of the first in the business of CBD science and product development.

According to the Miami Herald, a new Charlotte’s Web popup shop is hoping to make a splash by offering CBD trade-ins for a limited time. [2]

Customers can bring their gas station CBD or any other unwanted products, and in exchange receive a high-quality Charlotte’s Web products for a limited promotional period.

The trade-in promotion at the Miami location will last until the start of February, at which time the popup shop will transition to a more conventional retail operation, but with an emphasis on quality and education. [1] [2]

Charlotte’s Web got its start as one of the first CBD companies out of a family’s perseverance and passion for wellness when seven brothers joined forces to learn how cannabis could help their younger sister, Charlotte, who suffered from severe childhood epilepsy. [3]

There is only one prescription CBD drug, which is used to treat such epileptic seizure symptoms. Still, it is wildly expensive and Charlotte’s Web has taken on the mission of helping common people get affordable yet high-end CBD for their every need.

Read more about the Charlotte’s Web story in the New York Times using the link below. [3]

You don’t need to get all the way to Miami if you want to purchase Charlotte’s Web products, either.

Nothing But Hemp has locations in Nevada, Minnesota and Florida and shares the mission of reaching ordinary people to inform them of the benefits of CBD and connect them with the nicest products on the market.

At Nothing But Hemp, Charlotte’s Web joins other brands in the inventory like Siskiyou Sungrown CBD, Wyld CBD and Minny Grown CBD to bring every customer the precise hemp product that suits their needs.

Education is important in the newfangled hemp industry, which is why Nothing But Hemp has a keen focus on informing newcomers and return customers alike on the value of CBD and the cutting edge of CBD science.

Stop into Nothing But Hemp today to see if Charlotte’s Web is right for you!


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