Charlotte’s Web CBD emboldens reputation as best in hemp business

Charlotte’s Web CBD emboldens reputation as best in hemp business

One of America’s premier CBD companies has increasingly proved its worth in an emerging and competitive market.

Charlotte’s Web CBD recently earned NSF International approvals for both its pet and human-usage CBD and hemp products, solidifying it as one of the premiere brands in a wide array of young hemp competitors.

The National Sanitation Foundation International was founded as a consumer protection standards agency in 1944, and a nod from the organization is quite meaningful in a newfangled and oftentimes unclear industry for hemp and CBD products.

“Our commitment to attaining industry recognized certifications underlies the trust we have earned from our consumer, retail and regulatory partners,” Deanie Elsner, CEO of Charlotte's Web, told Yahoo! Finance. [1]

“The registration is important for supporting certain potential new business partnerships. As industry leaders, attaining NSF GMP certification marks another important milestone for Charlotte's Web and we look forward to prominently displaying our new NSF certificate at our manufacturing facility in Boulder.” [1]

According to Yahoo! Finance, Charlotte’s Web CBD has a rather productive future ahead of it, as the company may be able to double its stock values by 2021.[2]

Eisner also commented on Charlotte’s Web’s certification for use among American pets.

“For canine owners, we understand that dogs aren't just pets, they're family. They deserve products you can trust,” she said. “Charlotte's Web is committed to producing the safest and highest quality pet products. We are very proud that our edible pet products have earned a seal of approval from both the NASC and the U.S. Hemp Authority.” [3]

Charlotte’s Web CBD was created from the urgent desire brothers felt to ease their epileptic sister’s pain and life-altering symptoms. Thousands across the U.S. seek out solutions with CBD for their anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia and epilepsy.

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