Could CBD chewing gum ease a drop in sales?

Could CBD chewing gum ease a drop in sales?

Across the U.S., the market for industrial hemp and CBD oil products has continued its steady growth, accompanied by a proliferation of niche hemp products.

The most recent of these is hemp chewing gum, a new invention being pursued by various CBD and gum companies alike. Reports show the chewing gum brands and styles emphasize fast action for those elements of CBD people have come to expect.

People across the globe use CBD for their anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain and other ailments. There is even a prescription drug based on CBD to treat epilepsy in children.

According to Forbes, some of the early chewing gum product designs are aiming to quell a drop in sales in the chewing gum industry overall. [1]

As people get more interested in CBD and less interested in chewing gum, infusing the chewables with properties like alertness from caffeine or focus from CBD.

One such company is Synapse, a Colorado CBD chewing gum company that manufactures liquid-core gum tablets with caffeine to bring customers both of these benefits. [1]

“We think there is a lot of potential,” said Synapse LLC’s communication director Scott Schaible. [1]

According to Business Insider, another of the initial CBD chewing gum enterprises is a collaboration of grocer Erewhon Market and products company Tauriga Sciences, Inc. [2]

The partnership’s creations, Tauri-Gum, will come in pomegranate, mint and blood orange flavors.

“The Company has worked with great determination over the past 2+ years, to build an outstanding product of the highest quality. Erewhon Market is an extremely successful specialty grocer in the Los Angeles area and an important partner in enhancing the value and profile of the Tauri-Gum brand,” Tauriga CEO Seth Smith told Business Insider. [2]

Those companies aren’t where the CBD gums are being innovated. Favour is another such company. [3]

According to Favour, CBD gums are more accessible than some other products and the method of ingestion is substantially faster then others.

“As we each experimented with all the various forms of CBD — capsules, tinctures, balms, gummies, salves, drinks, you name it — we realized that the countless positive effects are very real but entirely unreliable,” Favour co-owner Margaret Bastick said. [3]