Danica Patrick takes the fast lane on CBD investment

Danica Patrick takes the fast lane on CBD investment

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Retired NASCAR great Danica Patrick has recently announced she is investing in the new CBD company Beam.

Patrick decided to get involved with Beam because she was interested in quality cannabis products to help people relax and reach their own standards of personal wellness.

“I had used a few CBD products over the years - things you can get at a grocery store - and never noticed anything, so I was like, ‘I don't know if this stuff works.’ But Beam does, it really does,” She told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. [3]

As someone who has raced both Indy and NASCAR at hundreds of miles per hour, Patrick is likely enough to be an authority on relaxation. She also recently got a crash course in added stress when she and her boyfriend, the NFL’s Aaron Rogers, were almost stranded in Peru due to the COVID-19 outbreak. [2]

Not only do people use CBD for their anxiety and relaxation needs, however. They also seek it out for insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation issues and other uses. There’s even a Food and Drug Administration-approved prescription CBD drug for a rare form of childhood epilepsy.

According to an interview with People magazine, the racing pro was interested in the prospects of Beam because it is owned and operated by Matt Lombardi, a former hockey player, and Kevin Moran, who used to play baseball. [1]

“After I got the product and I realized just how legitimate and how effective it was, I went into the investment side of the company, as well,” Patrick told People. "So not only am I helping promote the product and being an ambassador for them, but I also invested in the company. It’s just a really, really high-quality, effective product.” [1]

In addition to her forays into CBD, Patrick has other avenues of relaxation. She told Fox News that she has recently taken up an interest in yoga and meditation, astrology and vegan nutrition recipes.

“I'm grateful for this time now,” Patrick told Fox News. “I've never really been afraid of that … Aries are never afraid to transition and make changes. That's definitely been me in my life.”


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