For some, Halloween raises unfounded fears over children and CBD candy

For some, Halloween raises unfounded fears over children and CBD candy

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CBD products are legal at the federal level in the U.S., but only those over 18 can buy them.

Still, some dispute exists over the legality of giving children the CBD products, and some old wive’s tales have even circulated that malcontents might try to give kids marijuana or CBD edibles for Halloween this year. Here’s what you need to know on both counts.

Full spectrum CBD products are not advisable for children, as they contain trace THC compounds (the active ingredient in marijuana) at around 0.3% maximum. [1]

According to Yahoo! News, one thing many don’t realize is that CBD isolates cannot actually reach 0% THC with total certainty. For instance, NASCAR testing that was extremely precise found a 0.00006% in a product advertised as 0.000% THC. [1]

Giving THC to children is heavily legislated in all states.

According to the Miami News Times, a Florida company recently received Federal Trade Commission sanctions for marketing CBD products for use by babies, which is illegal in that state. [2]

“The use of untested drugs can have unpredictable and unintended consequences, especially in vulnerable populations," the FTC letter said. "For example, infants and children may be at greater risk for adverse reactions associated with certain drug products due to differences in the ability of infants and children to absorb, metabolize, distribute, or excrete such drug products or their metabolites.” [2]

Ironically, both full-spectrum and isolate CBD tinctures and other products were at times developed in order to specifically assist children with their issues.

Take Charlotte’s Web CBD, for instance, started by a young girl’s brothers and their friends to help treat her epilepsy symptoms.

Eventually, little Charlotte was able to ease many of her symptoms and reestablish a normal childhood. Plus, Charlotte’s Web CBD has become a leading brand in the cannabis industry.

Now, some rumors have circulated by surely well-meaning people looking to protect their children from marijuana and CBD edibles thrown into pillow sacks and pumpkins on Halloween during Trick-or-Treating expeditions. [3]

An NBC News editorial column recently reported on the misunderstandings associated with this idea, claiming they are a vehicle for age-old Halloween myths — and fears of marijuana that are far more recent.

Author Simon Moya-Smith claims that it is ridiculous on its face that anyone would hand out marijuana or CBD products for Halloween because of how expensive some of these can be. [3]

Instead, the writer directs parents to watch out for less catchy and exciting creeping dangers: drunk driving among teens and young people, for instance.