Former NFL player Charlie Batch joins the advisory board of a hemp biotech company

Former NFL player Charlie Batch joins the advisory board of a hemp biotech company

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Former National Football League (NFL) quarterback Charlie Batch recently joined the advisory board of Pennsylvania-based biotech company Hemp Synergistics. The two-time super bowl champion will be bringing to the board his perspective as a professional athlete and an entrepreneur.

Batch also runs his own a sports medicine and rehabilitation technology company, serves on the University of Pittsburg Brain Institute and serves as a player advisor on the Football Players Health Study at Harvard University.

“We’re thrilled in our ability to keep attracting top national talent,” said Danial Kohler in a statement. Kohler is the chief executive officer at Hemp Synergistics.

It took time to find the CBD sweet spot

Batch reportedly discovered the benefits of CBD only after he left the NFL.

“When I transitioned [out of the NFL], I didn’t necessarily have all the resources that you have as an active player,” Batch told Hemp Grower Magazine.

He explained that 15 years as a professional football player had left him with significant pain and inflammation in his body, and the typical over-the-counter pain medications weren’t cutting it. This is why he began learning about CBD.

“The four areas that I [was interested in treating were] pain, inflammation, anxiety and sleep,” Batch said. “That was it. I needed something with that combination.”

When he finally took the plunge he had to learn what would work best for him through trial and error.

“Quite frankly, it probably was about three months before I really got the balance that I felt,” he told Hemp Grower.

He explained how he initially took too little CBD for it to be effective. He said he did this because he was nervous about how his body would react to the product.

He also explained how he later reached a point where he may have been taking more CBD than what would have been ideal. He said he could tell because he felt a little “sluggish” in the morning.

Helping others benefit from his experiences

During this trial-and-error process, Batch reportedly built his understanding of cannabinoid formulations and the endocannabinoid system, as well as important ratios to consider, how individual reactions can vary, which companies were making certain formulations and more.

His personal journey fueled his growing interest in the hemp industry at large. As this interest grew, Batch became acquainted with more people working in the industry. One thing reportedly led to another, and the opportunity arose for Batch to serve on the advisory board for Hemp Synergistics.

He explained that his new position on the advisory board offers him an opportunity to help others be informed about CBD.

Batch said, “For me, having the opportunity to talk about my experiences . . . will help let people know and understand the inner workings of what’s going on within the plant and learn more about the endocannabinoid system.”