Hemp CBD vs. Marijuana CBD: What do you need to know?

Hemp CBD vs. Marijuana CBD: What do you need to know?

With the explosion in popularity of CBD products lately, it can be easy to get confused about its varieties, characteristics and dangers.

For instance, did you know that not all CBD is created equally? Some CBD oils and related products are created from marijuana, while others are derived from industrial hemp plaints.

Multiple sources report on the differences between these varieties of products, but the main distinction comes down to your legal jurisdiction and the terms of your employment.

According to Business Insider, many states in the United States have made marijuana legal to one degree or another.

As of Jan. 1, 2020, 11 states had made marijuana legal for adults over the age of 21, while 33 total states have some form of medical marijuana legalization protections.

The fight to legalize recreational and medical marijuana goes back decades, but industrial hemp’s legalization came more recently and affected a broader geographic region.

The Farm Bill of 2018 made industrial hemp legal at the federal level, but states themselves have spent the time since passing — or choosing to forego — state level legalizations of their own.

This makes industrial hemp almost the exact mirror opposite of marijuana, which is still illegal at the federal level.

According to the Fresh Toast, a popular cannabis blog, the main difference between marijuana CBD and hemp CBD is that the marijuana variant retains its high-THC content, and is preferable for those users who live in a jurisdiction where recreational marijuana is legal.

Still, these details can be hard to parse, and clarity can be scarce in the CBD industry.

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