Hemp milk may soon become more popular than you might expect

Hemp milk may soon become more popular than you might expect

The past decade has seen a long transition toward awareness of dietary restrictions, and the past year has seen an explosion in interest in industrial hemp products since the crop was legalized last December.

One of the most common dietary restrictions people face is lactose intolerance, which keeps people from popular dairy milk and intersects with products people choose when they want to maintain vegan diets as well.

Luckily for these customers, hemp has grown in popularity alongside other options like soy and almond milks to replace dairy milks.

Industrial hemp was legalized in the U.S. in December of 2018, and the past year has seen an explosion of new products, companies and brands in the hemp space.

While many are aware of hemp’s use in CBD oil and products — popular for use to counter anxiety, chronic pain and insomnia, among others — they may not be aware of its other uses.

Industrial hemp has long been used for other ends, from ship building and rope manufacture to textiles and clothing production. Now, stand-ins for milk and other dairy products are one of the newest end products hemp has been leveraged toward.

According to Healthline, hemp milk is bound to become a new competitor against soy and almond dairy alternatives given the rapidly expanding markets for hemp. [1]

Hemp milk is vegan, and features no soy, gluten or lactose, the site reports. It is also high in protein and creamy in consistency, making it perfect for situations that call for a heavier cream consistency like lattes. [1]

Healthline reports the hemp milk can be created at home from hemp plants, and vanilla and other extracts can be added for extra sweetness. [1]

“Without doubt the focus of 2020 will be our ongoing fascination with plant-based foods (particularly plant-based proteins) and a continued uptake and popularity of plant-based diets,” Australian nutritionist Kristen Beck said according to the Daily Mail UK. [3]

The Daily Mail report included industrial hemp’s sustainability and environmental friendliness among the reasons the plant and its byproducts are likely to take off in popularity in 2020 and following years. [3]

Perhaps the most important reason people are bound to turn to hemp milk and other dairy alternatives is that they will not get their users high like marijuana, Self.com reports. [2]

Gaining the benefits of marijuana without the mind-altering high or the illicit legal status is likely to drive consumers to hemp milk just as it has for CBD and other hemp products, Self says. [2]


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