How average customers can have an impact on federal CBD regulation

How average customers can have an impact on federal CBD regulation

The upcoming Food and Drug Administration hearing on CBD regulations at the end of April promises to bring the first steps toward true clarity surrounding the agency’s attitude toward the substance.

You may have read that since the 2018 Farm Bill passed, there has been confusion in some states and municipalities about how to enforce FDA statements that claim CBD isn’t allowed in food and drink.

Now, the federal regulators are giving normal people a way to respond and voice their own experience with CBD, plus defend it against overreach.

Some police departments seized inventories of hemp products in moves that health inspectors later apologized for, and the more information companies receive on the future, the more secure they and investors can be about the state of the industry.

While those in the hemp industry have many of their hopes tied to the fate of cannabidiol, the biggest group of benefactors from CBD are normal people who rely on the hemp extracts to handle a wide array of maladies and inconveniences, from anxiety and insomnia to inflammation and joint pain.

You can lay out your vision for the future of CBD, as well as vouch for how effective hemp products have been in your life, by visiting the FDA’s comment site linked below. [1]

The FDA will meet at the end of the month to devise what its next steps are, despite a recommendation from the outgoing Commissioner Scott Gottlieb that Congress should write a bill instead of waiting for internal FDA progress.

A solution from Congress isn’t too far fetched, as this week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell offered to author a bill protecting CBD in food and drink specifically.

The U.S Hemp Roundtable reported that McConnell, who was a key figure in passing the Farm Bill of 2018, testified that he would be willing to take steps to protect the CBD industry while giving feedback to the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture on Monday. [3]

Marijuana Moment published an article with helpful guidelines on how to get the best results from your contributions to the FDA’s public comment period last week, which can be found below. [2]

Key points outlined there are to be aware of the fact your audience wants to see not only first-hand testimonials, but also scientific research accounts.

The FDA is also part of a system of government that has repressed those trying to grow and sell hemp for at least the past hundred years, as noted in the piece. [2]

At the time of this publication, there were just under 200 public comments, but the period of public feedback lasts until July 2, so go to the FDA site and let them know how CBD has made your life better today!