How CBD Can Help Colon Cancer Patients

How CBD Can Help Colon Cancer Patients

“Cannabinoids have been recently proposed as a new family of potential anti-tumor agents” [2]

All over the world, colon cancer patients and their families are taking a very keen interest in the benefits and potential of cannabidiol (CBD). The great news is that medical research has shown that CBD could help patients' with their chemotherapy and radiation treatments, so the traumatic side effects are easier to deal with. Further, animal studies indicate that CBD may even be able to stop the spread of colon cancer.

So What Does the Research on CBD For Colon Cancer Show?

Study Number 1

The results of one study published in Phytomedicine, showed that an extract of cannabis sativa with a high cannabidiol content: “inhibited cell proliferation of colorectal cancer and weakened colon carcinogenesis through the activation of CB1 and CB2 receptors” [1].

Study Number 2

Further, another study involving Italian researchers, and published by the Journal of Molecular Medicine, has indicated that in mice subjects, CBD derived from extracts of marijuana, has the power to stop colon cancer spreading. This “botanical drug substance [which is high in CBD], inhibited tumor cell growth successfully without affecting healthy cells. Researchers found that this was due to activated CB1 and CB2 receptors in cells” [1].

Study Number 3

Another research trial in 2008, was carried out by the University of Florence Medical and Surgical Critical Care Department. Entitled: “Cannabinoid Receptor Activation Induces Apoptosis [cell death] through Tumor Necrosis” [2], it put the spotlight on the way in which cancer cells can be killed by cannabiniods such as CBD. The results showed that: “both CB1 and, more effectively, CB2 endocannabinoid receptors can be used to inhibit the growth of colorectal tumors” [2].

Study Number 4

A different study that was conducted by Italy's National Institute for Digestive Diseases' Laboratory of Biochemistry, was named: “Estrogenic induction of cannabinoid CB1 receptor in human colon cancer cell lines.” This trial continued the previous global medical research which examined how estrogen plays a role in the health of the colon. As of now, medics understand that colon cancer is more prevalent in males, and women who have gone through the menopause. To that end, it is thought that estrogen plays a part in colon cancer. This trial highlighted a few crucial findings: “most importantly they found that endocannabinoid receptor, CB1, is induced by estrogen. By upping CB1 expression, this could be a mechanism the medical community uses to allow estrogen to prohibit colon cancer reproduction” [2].

The Clear Benefits of Taking CBD Oil

The above research reports, are just a small selection from an ever growing collection of studies by leading scientists all over the world. CBD from Hemp seems to be the promising future for helping cancer patients help themselves. And generally speaking, there are no worries about side effects. Also, it does not give off the high of THC from cannabis, and is being proved to be more effective in many ways.


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