How to work CBD oil into your cooking routine

How to work CBD oil into your cooking routine

Plenty of people love using hemp products like CBD oil, but for some, simple under-the-tongue applications aren’t enough.

In the time since CBD was made legal in the U.S., Americans have turned to the compound to help ease their anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain and other issues. Recently, however, a burst of interest in CBD-centered recipes and other cooking solutions have aimed to bring CBD to the everyman in style.

Many who enjoy CBD view sublingual drops as a less-than-satisfying delivery mechanism, and for the culinarily-inclined, cooking is an obvious method to add CBD to the regimen.

From coffee-adaptations to dips, snacks and even main-course meals, CBD is working its way into daily dining in a big way.

CBD has long featured in a number of wellness and novelty products like bath bombs and even athletics clothing, so recipes are hardly the cutting edge.

Still, they represent a moderate and mainstream space CBD may very well inhabit for the foreseeable future, showing the hemp market’s growth is more than an empty fad.

“What differentiates us is that as you come in, there is a CBD counter and market, but also a café that blends the cannabis hemp plant into our menus — and we have hemp and CBD items that go into our dishes,” Cole Peacock of the Seed & Bean Cafe in Fort Meyers told the Orlando Sentinel.

The Sentinel reports that CBD makes a great addition to guacamole and adult beverages, since the compound is water-soluble.

According to the Sentinel, even the authorities in charge of monitoring and regulating the cannabis trade aren’t immune to CBD’s charms.

“I have high blood pressure,” Holly Bell, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Cannabis Director told the publication. “I stumbled on to over-the-counter CBD when a friend who is a registered nurse suggested I look into it.”

Meanwhile, Forbes reports that Facebook communities have sprung up to create and share CBD recipes for those who are interested.

Prominently featured among these recipes is CBD tea, which seems ideal for those looking to relax with their favorite cup and CBD tincture.

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