In the New Year, keep all your resolutions with CBD workout recovery

In the New Year, keep all your resolutions with CBD workout recovery

Now is the time of year for the annual fitness resolutions to come into the focus of many people’s lives, but there’s a reason these plans don’t always stay in focus.

No matter what anyone says, staying disciplined and following along with a January resolution to get fit in time for summer can be difficult for anyone.

Luckily, this year thousands will be using CBD oils and other products as part of their exercise regimens.

If you are interested in doing the same, here’s what you need to know.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a relative of the active ingredient in marijuana that doesn’t get its users high.

Products containing CBD come in a variety of forms, from spartan oil extracts and tinctures to bath bombs, lotions, food and drink products and more. Just about anything you can imagine has probably been made CBD by now.

CBD’s benefits are disputed among some experts, but preliminary tests and research have shown one promising use for CBD could be in pain relief and as an anti-inflammatory, which might have major effects for those interested in fitness.

Improved recovery from strenuous exercise is one of the main reasons many find it so hard to get back on the horse after a hard, sore workout.

And while more research is needed to learn the extent of CBD’s usefulness in athletics, testimonials and satisfied reviews certainly seem like a nudge in the right direction.

According to reporting from the U.S. News and World Report, professional skateboarders, martial artists and National Football League players have all announced that they have used CBD in their capacities as athletes. [1]

“Athletes are limited by the extent to which they can train and how much time their muscles need to recover," Dr. Murdoc Khaleghi, an emergency medicine physician who serves as senior medical adviser for Elevate CBD, told U.S. News and World Report. “CBD, through its ability to decrease pain and inflammation, it helps accelerate recovery.” [1]

So where should one start in their search for CBD to best help their chances with a 2020 fitness pledge?

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