In time for Easter, the creator of Jelly Belly announces CBD jelly beans

In time for Easter, the creator of Jelly Belly announces CBD jelly beans

Back in 1976, David Klein invented Jelly Belly jellybean candies. He is known far-and-wide for his candy expertise, and announced this week he is launching a company, “Spectrum Confections,” to sell CBD-infused jellybeans.

Klein announced the candies that would contain cannabidiol, or CBD, a hemp extract that is related to the THC in marijuana but which doesn’t make the user high. Each of the high-end, sour and sugar-free jellybeans will contain 10 milligrams of CBD, according to CBS News. [1] reported that the jellybeans from Spectrum Confections are selling at some retailers for as much as $2 per 10 mg bean. [2]

The company takes orders to buy the beans in bulk online, and offers not only the three types of bean but also 38 unique flavors. These include cinnamon, spicy licorice, piña colada, mango and marshmallow.

“And I said to myself, ‘Is anybody doing a jelly bean with CBD?’” he told Cannabis Aficionado. “I could not find any.” [4]

The Washington Post reports that just four years after Klein created Jelly Belly, he sold the rights in a move he regretted later. In the time since, he hasn’t been resting on his laurels. [4]

Klein also started a Kickstarter campaign back in 2016 for $10,000 to start in on the creation of caffeinated, coffee-flavored jellybeans like caramel macchiato and others while working at his company, “Candyman Kitchen.” [4]

His activities have been a bit more under the radar since then, but the recent booms in the CBD market may be just the thing Klein needs to get back to his throne as king of the jellybean empire.

Spectrum Confections jellybeans, according to yesterday’s CBS News report, are prepared with a garnishing of sugar or other flavored candy powder to counteract the possible bad taste some seem to associate with CBD oil. [1]

Jellybeans aren’t the only edible CBD products on the market. Chocolates, tart candies and tons of other options are available to consumers who use CBD for inflammation, anxiety, insomnia and a bevy of other common ailments.

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