Jane Fonda, Hollywood great and ‘Grace & Frankie’ star, gets into CBD

Jane Fonda, Hollywood great and ‘Grace & Frankie’ star, gets into CBD

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Another celebrity has thrown her hat into the ring of global CBD promotion efforts.

Recently, the 82-year-old with two Oscars under her belt has taken to CBD in lieu of more traditional, often damaging pharmaceuticals to resolve her pain and other issues.

Fonda, whose long-running career is the toast of Hollywood, is joining a long list of celebrities who have picked up on the CBD trend by partnering with Uncle Bud’s CBD brand.

CBD has grown wildly popular in the time since industrial hemp was legalized at the end of 2018. Willie Nelson, Rob Gronkowski, Martha Stewart, Snoop Dogg and others have jumped on board the CBD hype train.

People love to use CBD for their chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, and other uses. Only one prescription CBD drug has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration but its use in the nutritional supplements and wellness sectors is nearly ubiquitous.

"I wear hemp clothes, I smoke hemp oil, or CBD oil, to sleep,” Fonda told People Magazine. "So when Uncle Bud's came along with lotions made out of hemp, I thought, 'Well, this is too great. This I'm going to try.' It just tickled my funny bone.”

Fonda told People that she believes hemp is so important that it should be a part of a new, robust American economy that respects the environment and creates jobs for citizens.

In particular, Fonda uses a CBD face mask to maintain her renowned beauty into old-age.

This is an option for many, though it is more common for senior citizens to use CBD for their arthritis, chronic pain, inflammation and other problems.

Not everyone can be an A-lister!

“I use a pen that limits how many doses you get, which is way better than taking sleeping pills.…” Fonda told the Daily Mail UK. “But I was never majorly into pot to tell you the truth. However, I have osteoarthritis, so things that help with pain and inflammation are good.”

Fonda claims that multiple bouts of skin cancer have kept her out of the summer sun in California, and turned her toward Uncle Bud’s CBD moisturizer. Now, she says she swears by the product.

Overall, People reports that Fonda’s CBD use has helped her to continue with her decades-long political activism career. Though she stays inside now to avoid coronavirus infection, she remains outspoken online as a supporter of Black Lives Matter, an opponent of foreign wars and of industry-driven climate change.


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