John Legend hopes to become legendary CBD spokesperson and investor

John Legend hopes to become legendary CBD spokesperson and investor

Musician, singer and songwriter John Legend has announced his entry into the now-crowding field of celebrities interested in promoting CBD.

Legend is investing with Plus Products Inc. as the company rolls out its new line of cannabidiol, or CBD, products. The new line will feature cannabis gummies, among other offerings.

People use CBD products for their anxiety, sleeplessness, chronic pain and a wide range of other problems in their daily lives.

“I have been a believer in the benefits of CBD for some time,” Legend said. “I was drawn to the Plus team because they're an innovative, family-run company, and they use science to deliver a consistent, high-quality product. I appreciate that they're committed to setting a high standard within an industry that has to date been fairly unregulated.” [1]

Plus Products Inc. have a partnership with mattress chain Casper to promote a new brand of insomnia-oriented CBD products. Yahoo! reports, “The new CBD line will consist of three products: Balance, with a blueberry flavor; Uplift, with a grapefruit flavor; and Sleep, with a blackberry tea flavor.” [2]

"Our CBD line will build off that expertise, and the earned trust we’ve established, while offering a new experience for consumers designed to help them find their just right,” Plus Products CEO and co-founder Jake Heimark in a statement. [2]

Since its relatively recent explosion onto the scene, celebrity endorsements like Legend’s have skyrocketed CBD’s use among people who may not have tried it without seeing a familiar face give it the OK.

Legend follows a long list of celebs including musicians Post Malone, Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg to promote the non-psychoactive products that are related to marijuana. [3]

Even Mark Wahlberg and Diddy Combs announced last week that they were interested in CBD. Martha Stewart is an insider on CBD trading, too! [3]

Still, Legend offers a special sort of star-power: He is a recipient of the famed EGOT award combination, marking his success at the Emmy’s, Oscars, Grammy’s and Tony Awards overall.

“Giving the world a simple way to achieve balance has always been our mission, and the Plus CBD line allows us to expand from California to nearly all 50 states overnight," said Heimark, according to Hollywood Reporter. “We are thrilled that John Legend and Casper have partnered with our team to support this exciting new initiative.” [1]