Kristen Bell promotes happiness with her accessible CBD body care products

Kristen Bell promotes happiness with her accessible CBD body care products

Kristen Bell may be best known for her work as an actress. She starred in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Veronica Mars, Gossip Girl, Frozen, Frozen II and The Good Place. However, Bell is now gaining notoriety for her Happy Dance.

No, this isn’t a new T.V. show or even a dance at all. It is a line of CBD body care products. ‘Happy Dance’ seems aptly named because happiness practically exudes from the bright packaging of the body butter, coconut melt and bath bomb that make up this line.

We could all use a little more happiness

Happy Dance products are reportedly designed to support good mental health, stress relief and self-care — aspirations that Bell, herself, understands all too well. Over the years, she has reportedly struggled with her own mental health, specifically depression and anxiety.

“There were so many times in my 20s where I felt happiness was not mine and I couldn’t find it,” Bell told Allure.

“Mental health has to be the default conversation, as often as we talk about the weather,” she added.

CBD products reportedly helped Bell improve her life, which is why she wanted to develop her own CBD line.

“My goal in launching Happy Dance was to redefine the traditional notion of self-care,” Bell told Glossy. “Self-care doesn’t have to be an event. It should consist of everyday pick-me-ups to get you through your day. When I care for myself, I can better care for those I love.”

Products designed for busy moms

Now, as a busy mom, Bell reportedly has to squeeze self-care into her schedule around her other responsibilities. She explained to Allure magazine that she was inspired to create the product line after getting out of the bathtub.

“I have to be running in and out of the [kids’] bedrooms every 30 minutes or so. I got them on a Zoom and I thought, I’m just going to go for it,” she said. “It’s definitely rare to use the bath, but it’s so wonderful. It’s pretty much the only time in my whole life where I lock the door and I get 10 minutes of privacy.”

Bell and Lord Jones, the CBD brand she partnered with, designed these products with millennial moms in mind, and Bell uses her marketing campaigns to dispel negative stigmas and common misconceptions that this audience may have about CBD products.

“There’s so many misconceptions about [CBD], mostly because people think it will get you high,” Bell said. She explained to InStyle that she was able to create some comedic content that addresses misconceptions like this.

Making accessibility a priority

Another way Bell is trying to reach this audience is by ensuring Happy Dance products are as accessible as possible. She does this is by keeping the product prices affordable and getting the products into brick-and-mortar stores.

“For Kristen, she’s wanting to put forward this idea of accessibility. She’s a busy mom. She wants the brand to reflect that, too — and the realness of motherhood, [rather than] this false reality that ‘mom marketing’ often conveys,” Summer Frein, the general manager of Happy Dance, told Glossy.

Happy Dance products have been available online since Oct. 2020. However, the products are set to line the shelves of physical stores. They will be sold in 550 popular cosmetics stores around the country starting March 15.

Bell told InStyle that having the products in physical stores will be a “game changer”.

“We started Happy Dance to make trusted CBD products more widely accessible to people everywhere and sort of demystify the whole category,” Bell said.

She added, “I have no interest in it being in a boutique in New York and LA so that my friends and family in Michigan can’t buy it. CBD improved my life, and I wanted to build a brand that was easy to use and wouldn’t break the bank.”