Minnesota CBD and hemp farming and commercial prospects continue to brighten

Minnesota CBD and hemp farming and commercial prospects continue to brighten

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Though soft-spoken, Minnesotans are moving in big ways to become prominent players in the United States hemp and CBD markets.

Industrial hemp was legalized in December of 2018, and has since become a boom crop — popular among customers for its multiple uses in CBD and other high-demand products, while offering farmers steady demand where trade uncertainty has affected other staple crops.

Recent developments from governments and businesses in Minnesota, South Dakota and Wisconsin have shown how prominent the midwest has grown in the hemp market, and what the people of the area can expect from cannabis.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz visited hemp farms across the state last week, speaking with industrial hemp farmers about the exciting first planting season for non-research farmers.

"It's important to see all the new innovative ways we can use this product going forward, creating jobs and opportunities,” Walz told reporters, according to KARE 11. “And it lets us know we can do in the legislature to make some of those changes possible."

The Pioneer Press noted the trip came fast on the heels of South Dakota’s announcement that law enforcement there had arrested a hemp delivery driver from Colorado over the summer. This and other instances show the sometimes finicky and uncertain nature of industrial hemp farming and processing.

For many, lack of exposure to hemp leads some to assume it is its federally-illegal relative, marijuana.

“I want Minnesota to be the No. 1 producer of hemp and exporter of hemp. It is a good, durable product that is sustainable,” said Sen. Karla Bigham, DFL-Cottage Grove, according to the Pioneer Press. “We should be doing what we can to lead in this nation and lead in this industry.”

Recent reporting from the La Crosse Tribune indicates Wisconsin’s lawmakers could soon make permanent that state’s current pilot program for industrial hemp cultivation, so the progress is far from isolated.

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