New study may shed light on CBD safety

New study may shed light on CBD safety

As many have adopted CBD products for a number of their personal wellness needs, they’ve often wondered about the safety and effectiveness of the products they use.

This has not always been the simplest process, especially given the fact that not all products are created equal in the young industry and it can be hard for customers to know what they are getting when they don’t purchase from trusted retailers and brands.

Recently, two major CBD companies — Charlotte’s Web CBD and Infinite CBD — announced that they were working under U.S.. Food and Drug Administration guidelines to study whether their and other company’s products are safe.

The FDA caused controversy among the popular figures in the industry when it released health warnings that CBD and hemp products may cause health issues in the lungs and elsewhere.

These warnings certainly did their bit to scare off many from the burgeoning market for CBD, despite few if any scientific citations. Keep in mind, hemp entrepreneurs had been begging the FDA to offer clear rulesets for the industry so that well-meaning business-owners can continue to help customers, for instance by regulating hemp as a dietary supplement, to no avail.

Now, seven different CBD companies including Charlotte’s Web and Infinite are performing a safety study on CBD at the prompting of the FDA with the help of the lab ValidCare, according to reports.

“We are honored to be participating in a study that will deliver true cannabidiol user data to the FDA. We hope that these efforts will showcase the abilities of this cannabinoid and pave the way for regulation within our ever-growing industry,” Infinite CBD CEO John Ramsay said, according to Yahoo! Finance.

“As a pioneer of exceptional CBD isolate products, we are thrilled to use this consumer data to further improve the customer experience.”

ValidCare and its team of third-party doctors will study 100 users of CBD products, monitoring their health metrics to render an observational study about health outcomes, according to the Daily Camera.

For many fans of hemp and CBD, doubts of the study’s necessity are someone common. Thousands of people in the U.S. and indeed, all over the world, use hemp oil and CBD for their wellness needs every day. Many seek the products for their chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia and other issues.

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