New study shows promise in CBD treatments for Parkinson’s, anxiety

New study shows promise in CBD treatments for Parkinson’s, anxiety

Claims about hemp and CBD oil products are just about everywhere, but verifying their veracity can be a difficult.

While scientific research can point to some exciting aspects of CBD science, studies are limited because the compound was illegal until recently. This month, a new study has been released extolling the virtues of CBD for treating Parkinson’s disease and speech issues.

The study, performed in Brazil, compared cannabidiol (CBD) oil to a placebo for its treatment of both the tremors of Parkinson’s and speech disorders like stammers and other anxiety-related problems. [2]

“These observations suggest that CBD may be an alternative treatment for patients with [Parkinson’s] and anxiety,” the researchers said, according to The “Thus, the chronic administration of CBD could be tested in future studies.” [1]

The study was written for the Journal of Psychopharmacology and performed by staff at the University of Sao Paulo, Observer reports. [1]

By analyzing study participants’ performance in “simulated public speaking tests,” the psychology and pharmacy researchers were able to show the promise of cannabis for quelling anxiety and other symptoms.

The description of the study at the National Institutes of Health says the dosage used in the study was 300 mg of CBD. [2]

Like many of the studies into cannabis so far, the sample size on this new Brazilian study is low. Only 25 people participated int he study.

Still, this is yet another example of evidence that cannabis has promising applications.

One other application has also been a proven avenue for CBD use. Prescription drug Epidiolex is the only Food and Drug Administration approved CBD prescription and is aimed at a rare form of epilepsy that affects children.

Epidiolex is an expensive prescription, but just about any adult can find reliable and quality CBD oil and products if they know where to look.

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