Nothing But Hemp Licensed "Flawless" Concept Store in Superior Wisconsin to Sutherland family.

Nothing But Hemp Licensed "Flawless" Concept Store in Superior Wisconsin to Sutherland family.

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SUPERIOR, WI – The fantastic family-led team at Apple House CBD has a new look as they recently rebranded as Flawless Sutherland CBD. Customers in the Superior-Duluth area can still get the industry-leading products tailored to their needs, with a new flair that is sure to please.

The Sutherland family, who own the former Apple House CBD store in Superior, recently entered a licensing agreement with Nothing But Hemp, LLC, for use of its Flawless CBD brand.

They are now working to revamp their location as Flawless Sutherland CBD, which they hope will give them new, exciting growth opportunities while providing customers with flawless service and products.

Both businesses have a history of working together in the hemp industry, as earlier this month the Sutherland family helped Nothing But Hemp launch its newest location in Forest Lake.

Because of the new partnership, Flawless Sutherland CBD will be able to carry award-winning products, working directly with cultivators and manufacturers. That means more savings for their new and loyal customers.

Craig Sutherland, manager of Flawless Sutherland CBD in Superior, started taking CBD in 2016 after he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, or MS. MS is a neurological disease that is often treated with a bevy of pharmaceuticals.

When Sutherland found success with CBD, he decided he needed to help others. The Sutherland family opened their CBD store in July of 2018.

Since then, the Sutherland family has welcomed an impressive number of new customers, most of whom are curious about which new CBD oil or product is right for them and how they can be used.

Questions tend to revolve around just what CBD is, as is frequently the case in the new and booming industry of hemp products. CBD is a derivative of the hemp plant, which doesn’t get you “high” like marijuana. Users seek it out for a variety of reasons, including for their anxiety, pain and other concerns.

At every step, Craig Sutherland says he and his family are happy to help their new and curious customer base. “They want to get away from big pharmacy.”

And with such a rise in interest, Sutherland says business growth and expansion may not be too far in the future, which made this the perfect time to partner with Nothing But Hemp in licensing the new brand name.

“That term, ‘Flawless,’ caught our attention because those are the kinds of products we like to carry,” Sutherland said. “With our new name, our new store, we’re going to be able to have more products in there that are top-of-the-line and better for the consumer.”

The Sutherlands have had successful family businesses in the past, and are excited that they are able to use the trust and roots they’ve established in the Superior community to bring them CBD products and information their neighbors can benefit from.

For Craig Sutherland and his family, the “Flawless” brand is a promise to customers, but also a standard that drives what sort of business they run from day to day.

“It’s a learning curve,” Sutherland said. “You could have a product in and then realize you might have to try to something different. We’re only six months in to this, but we’re advancing faster than we ever thought. That’s a good thing, and we look forward to expanding in the future.”