Nothing But Hemp Achieves Significant Expansion by Acquiring Emerald Elements

Nothing But Hemp Achieves Significant Expansion by Acquiring Emerald Elements

Minneapolis, Minnesota—  March 4, 2024 — In an ambitious effort to strengthen its leadership in the hemp market, Nothing But Hemp proudly announces its recent acquisition of Emerald Elements, a distinguished company known for its wholesale and distribution excellence. This strategic move is a cornerstone in Nothing But Hemp’s strategy to broaden its product line and enhance distribution networks.

In this exciting new chapter, Nothing But Hemp is delighted to integrate Logan Fleshman into its leadership team as both a co-owner of Nothing But Hemp, LLC, and the Chief Sales Officer. Logan brings with him over two decades of rich experience in distributing fine wines and spirits, a background expected to significantly contribute to Nothing But Hemp’s projected growth and broadening market reach.

Launching a New Phase of Expansion and Customer Service

This merger with Emerald Elements represents a transformative period for Nothing But Hemp and its clientele, emphasizing not only growth but also a reinforced dedication to delivering superior products at more attractive prices. The synergy between the two companies promises to deliver unparalleled pricing advantages, reduced costs, and broader access to a comprehensive product range for consumers.

A Unified Vision for Superiority and Innovation

Expressing his enthusiasm for the acquisition, Fleischman, the newly designated Chief Sales Officer and Co-owner, shared, “I am immensely excited to be part of the Nothing But Hemp team and to support its mission, of bringing top-tier hemp products closer to the consumers. My journey in the fine wine and spirits distribution industry has armed me with valuable insights and strategies that I eagerly anticipate bringing to the hemp sector. Our collective efforts will be aimed at achieving excellence and fostering innovation.”

Introducing Nothing But Hemp

As a pioneering force in the hemp industry, Nothing But Hemp is committed to supplying premium hemp-derived THC products. Centered around education, superior quality, customer satisfaction, and strict compliance, Nothing But Hemp is devoted to pushing the boundaries of the hemp industry and broadening its reach to ensure product accessibility for all.

Boasting ownership of over 24 brands ranging from THC edibles, Full Spectrum products, Topicals, THC beverages, THC beverage additives and co-ownership of the edible/nanoemulsion manufacturing company Midwest Botanical Coalition and BevBuds, a beverage development firm, Nothing But Hemp is at the forefront of innovation in the hemp space.

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