Retail giants Walmart, Target hope to jump on CBD, following top pharmacies

Retail giants Walmart, Target hope to jump on CBD, following top pharmacies

The American CBD surge is in full swing, and it seems each week brings more big names throwing their hats into the ring eager to start making and selling the products.

Fresh on the heels of big names like Walgreens, CVS and RiteAid pharmacies becoming the latest large-scale retailers to start stocking hemp, two of the biggest names in retail are considering adopting some CBD products. According to the New York Post, head executives at both Walmart and Target have expressed interest in CBD. [1]

If either of these properties adopted the hemp derivative that doesn’t get users high, the market for cannabis products across the U.S. could change overnight.

From pharmacies to gas stations and from Willie Nelson to Kim Kardashian, it seems just about everyone wants to get in on the CBD game. And it’s no wonder why — people use CBD for tons of everyday maladies, from chronic pain and anxiety to insomnia, focus issues and even forms of epilepsy. [2]

Still, the introduction of mainstream exposure that could be levied by stores like Walmart and Target would represent a real sea change in how Americans interact with cannabis.

According to the New York Post, executives at Walmart, Kroger, Safeway and Target have all requested samples of CBD products. This is unverified elsewhere, but any possibility of such a large move is big news for hemp. [1]

It’s not clear whether these companies would want to simple carry popular brands of CBD or if they are interested in producing their own store brand generic lines of CBD, but the impact of either could be impactful.

Another extant question about these companies is how they would pursue a roll-out of CBD. At the big name pharmacies mentioned above, the products are still only offered at a relatively limited spattering of stores in certain states as a kind of pilot program. Sources told the Post this approach would likely be repeated by the big brands mentioned above. [1]

Laws on CBD vary state by state, but markets for the stuff are booming even where it’s technically not allowed ever since the federal government legalized hemp in December.

How does this news impact CBD customers? Likely they’ll have even more choices from big stores with next to no hemp experience, and find themselves confused about what products are best for them.

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