Sephora becomes newest addition to beauty lines using CBD ingredients

Sephora becomes newest addition to beauty lines using CBD ingredients

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Those seeking out products within the new field of CBD-infused beauty products, including moisturizers and lotions, may have a much easier time at it with recent news.

Sephora, the renowned and beloved aggregator of mid-to-high tier beauty supplies, recently created an entire section of their stores for hemp and cannabis-related beauty products, according to reporting from CNBC Markets. [1]

The retailer started carrying hemp products this week, according to analysts at Piper Jaffray. That analysis group first noticed the kiosks of cannabis beauty products earlier this week. The CNBC article reported that the group estimates the potential value of the CBD beauty product industry could reach between $50-100 billion. [1]

Sephora, of course, is known as a one-stop shop for beauty products that reach across the scale of quality while still delivering reliability. According to recent reports, Barney’s and Neiman Marcus are now in the CBD beauty-product game and will launch high-end department store locations in New York and Beverly Hills. [2]

The Sephora development could mean less travelling for people who want the products across the U.S., as those brands trickle down to mall locations and other Sephora spots everywhere.

Importantly, the market analysts at Piper Jaffray claimed that the recent explosion in interest for CBD products has been enough to separate the products from the broader umbrella of natural beauty products into its own category entirely. [1]

"We continue to see established beauty brands experimenting with hemp seed oil-based products versus CBD products. We expect to see conglomerate brands become involved with CBD over time as regulation and efficacy become more clearly defined," Piper Jaffray’s senior research analyst Erinn Murphy told CNBC. [1]

While high end CBD products can be found at the Beverly Hills and New York locations of Barney’s and Neiman Marcus, respectively, that’s not for everyone. Plus, reporting seems to indicate those locations won’t open until March.

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