Seth Rogen hosts huge cannabis-themed party to fund Alzheimer’s charity drive

Seth Rogen hosts huge cannabis-themed party to fund Alzheimer’s charity drive

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Though well-known for his stoner comedies and polarizing giggle, Seth Rogan has spent years building a reputation as a philanthropist with his group Hilarity for Charity.

This month, Rogen and his wife Lauren Miller Rogen, along with a number of other high profile celebrities, put on a major cannabis-themed fundraiser for those with Alzheimer’s disease. The event featured a veritable “carnival” of marijuana and CBD activities to raise money for dementia and other neurological disorders. [1] [2]

Some scientific inquiries have preliminarily shown the promise of marijuana and CBD in treating brain disorders, though this relatively young research is often performed on animal subjects and drawing clear causations will take much longer. [4]

Brain inflammation and other symptoms of neurological diseases may be eased by cannabis, but more research is needed to prove such connections. [4]

In the meantime, the 7th Anniversary celebration of Hilarity for Charity brought big names (and hopefully big donations) to the problem of mental debilitation which impacts so many aging people and their families each day.

Prominent attendees at the first-of-its-kind event earlier this month were Josh Gad, Nick Kroll and Adam DeVine, plus a litany of other stars. The event took on the structure of a carnival, with celebrity funny folks playing carnie for the night.

“We’re really just focused on having a fun night that changes the attitude towards the disease, which is that it’s sad and depressing, and we like to throw fun events,” Lauren told Variety. “It just seemed like a really happy, fun way to bring everyone together and like in a unique kind of way, which is what we like to do at Hilarity for Charity.” [1]

Hilarity for Charity started its life as a variety show, and the years have seen its evolution to a larger-than-life cannabis carnival complete with games, rides and Tony Hawk showing off on a huge ramp, Variety reports. [1]

Hawk’s mother has lived with Alzheimer’s for the past 15 years, he told the Hollywood Reporter. [2]

The Hollywood Reporter said the couple turned an intense interest to Alzheimer’s after Lauren’s mother was diagnosed in 2012.

As Seth told the Hollywood Reporter, “It shows the need for people to talk about Alzheimer's and feel like they have allies out there in the world. It’s such an underserved area. It's one of the most deadly diseases in the world and it has no cure. If anything, we've created an outlet for people that we didn't realize how big a need for there was.” [2]