Texas-based CBD trade magazine finds place in a now-established trend

Texas-based CBD trade magazine finds place in a now-established trend

PLANO, TX — A new bimonthly trade magazine detailing different developments within the world of cannabidiol, or CBD, has started publication in north Texas with its first issue this month.

Many blogs and websites dedicated to hemp and CBD products, non-psychoactive despite their relationship to THC and marijuana, but CBD Snapshot based in Plano is one of the first monthly print magazines in the industry. [1]

The first ever issue features a cover story on Dr. Oz, popular television personality, and his interest in the scientific and medical possibilities of CBD.

Writing on CBD from all over the web has been prominent since the federal government legalized the stuff in December, but the Texas magazine happened to launch later, and just as Texas was itself legalizing hemp and its derivatives on the state level. Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, is soon expected to sign the legalization bill that would go into effect on Sept.1. [1]

According to the Dallas News, CBD Snapshot Editor-At-Large Brooke Alpert said the magazine would focus on providing interested parties with scientific research to better assess products’ claims, plus personal stories of success and other articles. Alpert is a dietitian and health author. [1]

Alpert told the Dallas News that she wanted to help teach people about CBD while the industry is young, because the more she researched the more she realized the compound has staying power. "I can only see it getting bigger at this stage," Alpert told the Dallas News. [1]

While CBD has fully entered the popular consciousness, those who have been willing to dig into the research on CBD’s abilities and scientific properties are relatively few and far between.

And although you can always keep reading the Nothing But Hemp blog for extensive coverage of the same sort of CBD topics, who knows how effective it will be for people to find an occasional copy of CBD Snapshot at the doctor’s office or while waiting for an oil change?

"It’s such an awesome product, but it’s not a miracle drug," Alpert said. "I want to cut through all of those smoke and mirrors."

According to Dallas News, the CBD Snapshot magazine has a pretty substantial distribution of 125,000, with subscription prices at $20 annually or $8 per issue. Even though it is open to national newsstands everywhere, the magazine has secured contracts so far with Natural Grocers, Target, Barnes and Noble and Walgreens. [1]

Walgreens itself has recently launched a pilot program to sell CBD products in some states, along with other popular pharmacies CVS and Rite Aid. Recent reports also showed that Target executives were looking into CBD sample products, though the extent of their intentions is completely unknown.

Keep an eye out for CBD Snapshot, and keep your browser open to the Nothing But Hemp blog for more CBD news!


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