Tribe Tokes execs talk their female-led CBD brand before Saks Fifth Avenue rollout

Tribe Tokes execs talk their female-led CBD brand before Saks Fifth Avenue rollout

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With the advent of CBD products across the country, finding the right craft and quality hemp is a problem for many who are interested in the market.

Luckily for these indecisive folks, just because something is a designer-level brand in the cannabis industry doesn’t mean it isn’t attainable for them. Tribe Tokes vapes and TriBeauty brand products are a great example of this.

Tribe Tokes and TriBeauty is a woman-owned CBD company, a combination that is often overlooked in the hemp market. The company will soon open a display on the 7th floor of Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City, but still offers CBD beauty and vaping products that anyone can enjoy.

The proprietors of the Tribe brand, Degelis Tufts and Kymberly Byrnes, recently sat down for an interview with Forbes to discuss their brand, their new endeavors in New York and what makes their products special.

“CBD actually has amazing benefits for your epidermis, in that it is calming, soothing and anti-inflammatory,” Degelis told Forbes. [1]

“Inflammatory skin issues are THE most common problem in dermatology, but also in issues we encounter in “everyday life” — such as puffy eyes, or acne flare ups. We wanted to take our knowledge and passion of plant science to create skincare collection that harnessed the power of CBD coupled with quality, natural ingredients.” [1]

That’s not all Tribe CBD products have to offer.

“CBD is a powerful antioxidant, anti-pollutant and anti-inflammatory. The CBD Eye Cream Rescue comes in handy after late nights as our potent infusion of high quality CBD is perfect for reducing puffiness quickly. The silky smooth penetration gives your eyes a glow as it brightens the skin,” Kymberly said in the interview. [1]

“The mask is amazing to stimulate the blood flow on the facial skin but with the CBD you won’t worry about getting any redness or irritation. You may not see the difference right away but like other products and supplements we know it is protecting our skin from free radicals and pollution and overtime, there is a noticeable difference in complexions.”

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