U.S. hemp and CBD markets charge into the new decade

U.S. hemp and CBD markets charge into the new decade

As the decade comes to a close and the time of new year resolutions takes hold, cannabis fans across America have many successes to look back on — an exciting prospects for the future.

In many ways 2019 was a landmark year for hemp and cannabidiol, or CBD. Hemp was legalized at the end of 2018, and market and government responses have flooded the public as news stories have streamed in throughout the year and more and more people try CBD.

According to reporting in Quartz, hemp acreage in the U.S. expanded to 100 times the land area it occupied in 2014, when industrial hemp was limited to research institutions and illicit growing operations. [1]

This rapid change makes hemp the fastest growing crop in American agricultural life. It is also extremely popular among farmers struggling to meet export expectations amid the ongoing trade war with China.

The total acreage for hemp production in the U.S. reached nearly 150,000 acres in 2019. [1]

That hemp is highly valued compared to many crops farmers have long leaned on, and is used for textiles, rope, bioplastics and perhaps most importantly, CBD oil.

CBD is a non-psychoactive relative of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. Unlike THC, CBD delivers marijuana’s relaxation and other benefits without the mind-altering high.

2019 has proven that people love to use CBD for their chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, insomnia and other issues.

Truly, 2020 holds a long list of possibilities for hemp professionals and fans as the industry is only projected to become more and more accepted and popular.

While testimonials have poured in over the year exalting CBD’s usefulness, the scientific data still lags behind due to the longstanding prohibition on hemp that held back research and inquiry.

Government regulators have also spent 2019 trying to cope with the booming market for hemp, with very little clear guidance from federal government bodies like the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration.

Average CBD customer faces many obstacles and opportunities going into 2020. Novelty products around every corner and vendors of every stripe (and reputation) have some concerned about quality and reliability.

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