United Kingdom turns to CBD as coronavirus lockdowns remain in place

United Kingdom turns to CBD as coronavirus lockdowns remain in place

One of the harshest of the global lockdowns implemented to fight the novel coronavirus pandemic is in the United Kingdom.

Brits and others have been struggling with very restrictive rulesets and police actions, not to mention the fear and reality of contracting the virus and getting sick with COVID-19.

According to Forbes, a staggering 8 million British residents may be users of CBD products.

“The key here is that with people feeling anxious, having trouble sleeping and, in some cases, feeling let down by the traditional health system, they have looked for alternatives,” Alpha Green CEO Alexej Piovsky told Forbes.

Research at Alpha Green showed over half of the UK residents had tried out CBD in the past year, Forbes reports.

Hopefully Brits will continue to find ways CBD and other health products improve their lives even after the worst of the COVID-19 crisis passes.

“Since Coronavirus hit we’re under way more stress, so CBD has become so much more relevant,” Trip CBD co-founder Olivia Ferdi told Vogue UK. “Anxiety has shape-shifted, and the way we look after ourselves – our self-care rituals – have come into question. Plant-based, preventative remedies – taking as good care of yourself as is possible to fend off illness – have become the new approach to our health.”

Even though there is a wide range of UK residents who seem to have turned to CBD, most of the population still hasn’t tried out the products, which so many find useful for easing their worried minds.

“It slows down the mental overload that comes with anxiety and stress, conditions in which thought patterns can become repetitive,” Julie Moltke told Vogue UK. “CBD helps create a bit more space in the mind.”

Although so many are interested in CBD for their anxiety in these stressful times, it bears reiterating that CBD is not a treatment or COVID-19.

Many hemp brands, manufacturers and retailers are simply interested in getting people the natural, organic wellness products they believe will improve their lives.

Science on hemp and CBD products is still developing and many claims can’t be made in stone.

Still, consumers love to use CBD for their chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, insomnia and other conditions. One prescription drug based on CBD has also received FDA approval to treat a rare form of childhood epilepsy.

There are a number of reasons people are facing more stress and anxiety in the midst of this global outbreak, especially due to the fear of infected loved ones and the harsh reality of staggering levels of unemployment and income loss due to the economic shutdowns.


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