With new legal changes, CBD could become even more prevalent in MN

With new legal changes, CBD could become even more prevalent in MN

The expansion of CBD’s uses into everyday life over recent years can hardly be overstated, but the hemp product is still growing in popularity and awareness.

New moves at the Minnesota State Legislature could promise enhanced access to CBD and hemp cures in public schools as students could receive permission to bring their prescriptions with them to class.

Meanwhile, national concerns that police and officials don’t always respect the legal status of hemp and CBD continue on more than a year after the prohibition on industrial hemp was lifted.

According to the Star Tribune, parents and interested parties have recently placed pressure on legislators in Minnesota to encourage them to adopt bills this session that would change school rules and let parents send their children to school with CBD for emergencies. [1]

CBD is used for chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia and a wide range of other issues. Scientific research has been hampered by the long-standing prohibition, but initial studies have shown potential uses across an array of health and scientific benefits.

Kelly King views emergency CBD on hand as one of the only ways to calm her 12-year-old son’s seizures. [1]

He goes to school in Chaska, and King aims to get protections for his CBD “rescue med” in case he faces a seizure attack while away from home.

“It’s nerve-racking to put [Kade] on the bus every day,” King told the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “Get a policy together. My son’s life is on the line here.” [1]

Only one prescription CBD drug has currently been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. That drug is Epidiolex, a niche prescription for a rare form of childhood epilepsy,

Those who can’t afford the prescription or who do not suffer from that malady have often sought out private solutions for their CBD needs.

Some sources report that even this has created issues, however. As normal Minnesotans push to let their children access medicinal solutions, many police departments and municipal bodies have been slow to learn the basics of CBD and hemp.

According to NBC News, truck drivers hauling hemp still face jail time and potential criminal charges for marijuana trafficking despite the fact their inventories are shown to contain the legal amount of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. [2]

Among these drivers was Anuedy Gonzalez, who spent Christmas in jail after a Dec. 6, 2019 arrest for hauling hemp and CBD products. [2]

Unless officials and legislators step up to the plate and defend the rights of hemp users and parents, serious problems and further overreaches could ensue.


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