Wynonna Judd launches her own line of ‘balancing’ CBD products

Wynonna Judd launches her own line of ‘balancing’ CBD products

Country music star Wynonna Judd has jumped on the celebrity-backed CBD business bandwagon. The award-winning singer partnered with Nashville-based CeleBriDy Brands to develop her own line of CBD products, which launched this spring.

Finding ‘balance’ and ‘harmony’ with the help of CBD

Wynonna CBD products include CBD oils, a CBD balm and CBD bath bombs, all infused with lavender and vanilla. The brand website describes the products as “luxurious.” It also states that they were “designed to help bring harmony to your everyday life,” which seems to reflect how Judd herself uses CBD.

“We need to relax, we need balance,” Judd told CSP Daily News. “Everybody’s just processing a lot of stuff. I’m constantly talking about my own healing and recovery process. I was famous at 18, I’m an introvert, and I’ve battled anxiety since the beginning of the Judds."

She told CMT that CBD helped her “sit still” and “stay in the moment,” which she said can be difficult when she is working many hours.

“Wynonna is not just a legendary artist but a trusted friend to fans worldwide,” Brian Mayes, the founder of CeleBriDy Brands, reportedly said. “She has shared her life with them for nearly four decades, and they trust her. And that is why it was imperative that we create a premium product that is worthy of her name."

“We finally found something that works for me, and I want my fans to benefit as well,” Judd reportedly said.

Overcoming the learning curve during a global pandemic

Judd joins a long list of celebrities who have started their own CBD brand during the COVID-19 pandemic. This list includes actress Kristen Bell, musician Travis Barker, cultural icon Martha Stewart, retired athlete Terrell Davis and actress Denise Richards, to name a few.

For Judd, developing her own CBD business reportedly offered a way to manage stress and continue moving forward. Judd told BBC that she had been feeling helpless about her health during the pandemic, and she wanted to be more “proactive”.

“With the music business shut down, the band and crew going on unemployment, this past year was very stressful,” Judd told BBC. “I had borderline panic attacks. I needed to learn how to be more self-sufficient."

She reportedly explained that starting this business was her way of saying, “Nope, you can take away touring, traveling, live shows and many other things, but you are not going to take away my desire to get past this moment.”

Judd reportedly described how it took “a lot of learning” to get her business up and running.

“I felt like I went to college this past year, I learned so much. I asked a lot of questions and tried out a variety of samples,” Judd reportedly said. “That’s how I figured out what I wanted to do. I think it’s exciting for any person at any age to get into a new career you know very little about. This is how you learn who you are and your strengths.”

“Wynonna put her personal touch on Wynonna CBD products from start to finish, and we know they will help people tune in to themselves and the things that really matter,” Mayes reportedly added.


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