Green Bay, Wisconsin is located at the head of the Green Bay on Lake Michigan. The area is locally known as “The bay of Green Bay” and is most known for home to the NFL team the Green Bay Packers. While football is one way to relax, Nothing But Hemp’s CBD oil is another way. 


About Green Bay 


The Sioux-speaking tribe, the Winnebago were the first known inhabitants of the area in the 1600s. Corn, beans, squash, and tobacco were grown by the Winnebago people. Hunting and fishing were prominent but the wild rice that grew in large amounts in the river. Rice was gathered as well as nuts, berries, and other edible roots. 


The Green Bay area was explored by Europeans. The first was Jean Nicolet, an explorer who was commissioned by Samuel de Champlin. As an explorer and founder-governor of 17th Century New France, Champlin was curious about the area and the people who called themselves “People of the Sea.” Champlain was told Native Americans traded with people in the west and who reached them by canoes made of wood. 


Charles De Langlade and his family from Quebec moved to Green Bay in 1765. Langlade is considered the “Founder and Father of Wisconsin,” because the family is considered the first European settlers in the area. The area then became under British control. 


More people and products were able to travel all over the state when the railroad arrived. The area continued to grow from there. Shipping has been a large part of the town’s history. 


Today, the paper and shipping industries are the city’s largest employers. As of 2019, over 104,000 people live in Green Bay. While it’s the third largest city in the state, it is the smallest city that is home to an NFL team. Green Bay Packers were founded in 1919 and are the only NFL team to be owned by its fans. 


Whether you’re looking to catch a home game, explore the scenery, or try a new restaurant. Green Bay has entertainment for all. While you’re enjoying what the city has, don’t worry about running out of any CBD, Nothing But Hemp will ship all their products to you for free. 


About CBD Green Bay 


Many CBD shops and other retailers carry different products. Nothing But Hemp’s products are third-party tested, which means you don’t have to worry about what’s inside. All the information is there for you. All online orders qualify for free shipping, which means you don’t have to worry about leaving your home to get your CBD products. 


So, what is CBD? How do I get CBD Oil Green Bay Wisconsin? 


Cannabidiol, or more commonly known as CBD, is just one of many components of the hemp plant. It is a naturally occurring compound that is used in Nothing But Hemp products. 


There are many different reasons why Green Bay residents are looking to use CBD or are looking for a better product. Many people use it to help with stress, pain, anxiety, relaxation, and even pain. These reasons vary from person to person. The effects vary from person to person as well. 


The reason why people feel differently or why it may not work for some people is because of everyone’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS), a cell-signaling system in the body. Studies show CBD binds to receptors located in the ECS. Because it binds to everyone differently, everyone’s experience with CBD is different as well. 


High-quality CBD oil from Nothing But Hemp is available in various potencies and flavors. Check out the CBD oil Green Bay Wisconsin residents can get shipped to their homes. 


Try third-party tested mint, cinnamon, or lemon oil flavors. CBD oil is also available in vape cartridges and gummy form. Vape cartridges may provide quicker relief while gummies offer a fruity flavor, they can take longer for users to feel any effects. 


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