Mankato Minnesota is located southwest of the Twin Cities and provides an urban-suburban mix feeling for most residents. The coffee shops and parks around town get people moving outside. It’s a bustling retail and entertainment hub with the feel of a small town where everyone knows your name. 


About Mankato 


The area was long settled by various cultures of indigenous people. The pressure from European colonization and other Native American tribes caused people to come to the area. By the mid-19th century, four Dakota language-speaking divisions of the Dakota Xious were the primary group. 


The city was organized by a few European settlers including Henry Jackson, Parsons King Johnson, Col. D.A. Robertson, Justus C. Ramsey, and others. 


When it comes to the town’s name, there is a popular tale told among residents. The story says that the city was supposed to be named “Mahkato” but a typographical error established the name as Mankato. It is uncertain whether the city was to be named “Mahkato,” the Dakota called the River Makato Osa Watapa - meaning “the river where blue earth is gathered.” 


North Mankato, which sits across the river, was established in 1898. The town’s first bridge between North Mankato and Mankato was the Veterans Memorial Bridge in 1880. The construction of the bridge was meant to represent a partnership between the cities that continues today. 


As of 2019, there are more than 42,000 people living in Mankato and the partnership between the city still stands strong. Another 13,000 residents live across the bridge. Healthcare in the city became prominent when the Mayo Clinic opened clinics and a hospital in the community. 


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